You have something special to share with the world, but you struggle with articulating your message, mastering your marketing, and activating a plan to get things done…done in a way that is aligned with your beautiful heart and mission.

Sound familiar?

What if building your dream business and life could be easy, fun, and abundant along the way?










  • You could effectively and authentically communicate your individuality in alignment with your business to attract your ideal clients.
  • You could get into action mode with a plan that feels aligned, reflects your heart’s call, and transforms your business.
  • You followed a path that was distinctly and successfully your own, and not based on someone else’s footprints.
  • You felt confident, purposeful, and expansive in your business planning, course creation, and/or offers to your people.

Imagine what could happen for you if you and your business aligned and partnered in creating the life you crave?

Imagine what life and soulpreneurship would be like in full expression and expansion of your vision?

Client Attraction.

Because of a focus on…


You didn’t come this far to only come this far, dear Heart-Centered Badass.
It’s time to step powerfully into your life’s work and share it with the world you wish to heal or help.

Introducing The Soul Biz Society

The Soul Biz Society is a synergistic space for soulpreneurs to discover, explore, and activate their inner magic and fire to create and grow an aligned business of abundance and authenticity.

Join the Soul Biz Society and get step-by-step business mentoring, practical and easy marketing mentoring, and a deepened confidence about leading with who you are and who were born to be.

Find Clarity

Whether it’s business development, content refinement, or a clear path forward, we got you.

Communicate effectively

Enhance your communication skills and master your content, irresistible offers, and brand promise.

Activate a plan that aligns with you

Lean into your authentic gifts, skills, and abilities to make meaningful marketing a breeze.


(Ever wanted a Heart-Centered Marketing Maven on speed-dial? This is THAT.)


  • Step by step training focused on creating an aligned business, a magnetic marketing plan, and a beautiful Brand you can’t wait to share. We’ll focus on the EASE system- a proven hybrid method of practical business support paired with exploration into the energetic system of Human Design.
  • Business systems automation support. Imagine less time on the backend of your business and more time serving your people.
  • Greater brand awareness, deeper connections with your people through your authentic reach and content.
  • Access to your Human Design blueprint- a roadmap of self-discovery, awareness, and soulful activation that is helping other entrepreneurs tap into real ease in business building.
  • Copy and content support as-you-need-it.
  • Inspiration, proven tactics, tips and hacks to help you avoid spending time and money on what won’t work for you.
  • Access to the growing HD 101 and TinyHDTeachings library of quick video content that focuses on giving you tools for experimenting with your Human Design for more aligned decision-making and sustainable use of your energy.
  • Group synergy and vibe- we work together, cheer each other on, and hold each other accountable to our vision.
  • A hybrid learning experience featuring group AND 1:1 support- need a deeper dive into something? Sessions with me are available along the way with more opportunities for 1:1 support if you need it.
  • And let’s not forget RESULTS that matter to you- including more confidence, more clients, more connections, and more collaboration.

“Trust Erin’s process and it’s like magic! Erin meets you where you are and has so many tools to help you understand yourself better. This helped me move forward in my life and in my business by prioritizing what was important to me and letting go of things that were no longer serving me. She taught me how to put myself first. Now when I do something, I think about myself first and what I need, and when I’m having a bad day, I think about anything I need to make it a little bit better. If you’re struggling or feeling stuck, Erin will help you figure out what you want and how to get unstuck so you can work towards what is really important to you.“



“I have to say that, not only did Erin help me create a stronger online presence, but she was able to bring out who I am and what’s important to me in a clear, inviting, and honest way online and off. More importantly I think, Erin helped me gain the confidence and strength to represent myself and values authentically through my business without second-guessing. I am so grateful for her help. I could not have been the business person I am now without her.”



“In a short time, she helped me clarify my focus, acknowledge the unique value of my work, and develop a solid strategy to leverage my impact. From first consult to final session, Erin listened deeply to what I was trying to create and responded with skill and intuition, never inserting her own agenda, and always contributing thoughtful advice and practical direction. I felt seen, supported and celebrated in our work together, and the steps I’ve taken as a result have been beautifully successful. Thank you, Erin!”




  • 22, 90-minute LIVE calls covering the E.A.S.E. SYSTEM (On Zoom, recorded)
    Each bi-monthly call will focus on clearing the path for more authentic and effective activation into your business and marketing efforts. The first call of the month will focus on copy, content, and messaging. The second call will be a HD Hybrid focusing on coaching, support, and deepening your experience.
  • Access to the TinyHDTeachings and HD101 library
    A client portal filled with Tiny Human Design Videos and lessons to help you deepen your HD experiment and apply the elements instantly.
  • The Inner Journey Workbook
    A tool designed to help you tap into your unique strengths, skills, and assets so you can get really clear on what’s meaningful for you in life and business. If you’re clear, less time is wasted on what’s not meaningful.
  • A monthly “office hour” to give you instant support as you need it during the program
    I’m here for you! Dropping in when you’re stuck provides deepened support.
  • 2, 1:1, 45-min private coaching sessions available to you as needed
    Get on my calendar and let’s dig into the areas that need more light and love (and strategy!)
  • 2, business planning strategy sessions 
    Let’s plan and implement together twice a year.
  • Private Facebook Group
    What happens on the page stays on the page- a great place to share wins and challenges and get cohort support.


You’ll get 1, 90-minute Human Design Reading to set your HD journey in motion.

We will think future-forward on how you’ll grow and scale your business, develop irresistible offerings, and lean into your version of expansion.


I have been piloting this system for almost two years with my private clients.

Together, we’ll EXPLORE.
Develop and discover a new-found sense of self-awareness using core components of Human Design (Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority). Gain clarity and insights about your vision, who you are, your strengths, weaknesses, unique skills and intuition.

Together, we’ll ACTIVATE.
Learn how to eliminate resistance and break negative patterns that are holding you back. Connect and surround yourself with other heart-centered business owners who share your vision for building a purposeful and prosperous business while overcoming self-doubt and fear. Lean into and practice the elements of your HD to strengthen aligned decision making and effortless traction.

Together, we’ll SUSTAIN.
Confidently build and implement magnetic marketing strategies based in authenticity and attracting abundance. Get marketing messaging support, deepen your niche knowledge, learn how to stand out with irresistible offers- all based on what is already in your HD chart and current business model!

Together, we’ll EXPAND.
Elevate your business journey of purpose and profit with consistent support. We’ll consider your scalability and begin to parse out what the future for you looks like to ensure you’re ready and available for what’s next.

Your investment

Investing in you and your business made easy! Pay in full or choose a payment plan that works for you.


If you complete a month of the program, have participated in all the activities, calls, and homework, and still decide the program doesn’t align, we will happily refund your investment. See more in FAQ.

Who is this for?


You’re on a mission to change the world and help more people with your gifts. You’re ready for deeper magic, integration, and action.

You are called to serve your people with your incredible gift of healing and holding space. You are poised for a life of sustainable service and soulfulness.

You have been rocked by an incredible vision that can’t be denied and you need the activated and aligned plan and core components to pull it all together.



Erin, here- your guide, coach, and marketing mentor.

Sometimes, taking the leap requires more than simply digging into a landing page’s content.

If you’re considering investing in yourself and your business, and want to connect with me in real-time to get the intuitive hit or sign you need to go all in, I invite you to schedule a quick chat with me by phone. Let’s connect and discover if The Society is a fit for you.

Schedule your chat with me here.


  • You are looking to express or communicate who you are authentically and stand strong in your individuality.
  • You are seeking to gain clarity, improve your communication, and activate a plan of integrity and service to others.
  • You are tired of sitting on the sidelines of your life and want to make the right stuff happen.
  • You often follow a path that is more hopeful than helpful despite your best intentions.
  • You have tried everything to make it come together, but it still just feels so damn hard.
  • You feel your brain overtaking your heart telling you there is no way you’ll get what you want.
  • You are overwhelmed, stuck, and lack the confidence needed to launch your heart’s desire.
  • You’ve hated marketing and shudder inside when you think of putting yourself out there in a way that feels icky or salesy.
  • You have an interest in deepening your self-awareness and living more in line with who you are and what you stand for
  • You are ready to get the on the path to sustained and joyful abundance- and profit!
  • You are ready to own your worth.
  • You know now is the time. Period.

What Clients Are Saying

Take it from those who know my approach and processes best.

“I have been on the threshold of a new and evolving chapter in my life, but hesitant to jump in because it’s in a new direction and uncharted territory for me. In my session with Erin, I became aware of attributes I really didn’t know I had and had confirmation of some I value already. They became apparent in our Human Design discussions, and from that, I now have tools and approaches to pursue a path I have been ruminating on for a while. In short, through an understanding (illuminated in my HD chart), I became aware of my inherent strengths and propensities that I can now harness to my benefit.  This session has given me the ‘nudge’ that I am on the right next path for myself, and I will use my recorded session as a road map for the path ahead. Thanks, Erin!”


Soulful Seeker, 3/5 Projector

“Being a Generator, Erin has taught me that I can work most successfully and easily when I follow my gut instinct. As she helped me design and develop my biggest-ever consulting proposal, she framed questions for me and offered guidance that was specifically tailored to my Generator characteristics. She made the process easy, fun, and educational for me by teaching me not only how to pitch my consulting project so I felt confident and successful, but also how to work with myself so I could face any project with that same feeling of strength. Needless to say, I nailed the pitch, the client and I are both thrilled about the outcome, and I feel confident knowing my own strengths and best ways of working so I can face the challenges of a big new project with delight.”


Program Designer, Facilitator, Healer, 2/4 Generator

“I’ve benefited from Erin’s masterful coaching and insight at several key points in my life and career. Most recently, she supported me to reconnect with a greater sense of purpose in my work by understanding my Human Design. Although I was familiar with HD, her knowledge and empathy made the concepts come to life for me so that I reengaged in my business with renewed energy and creativity. Looking forward to continuing to learn and grow with her.”


Succession Planning Strategist, 3/5 Projector

Do you yearn for:

    • Marketing in a meaningful way that doesn’t burn you out and attracts people who can’t wait to work with you?
    • Systems that allow you to work more seamlessly with your ideal clients?
    • More ease as you work on your business?
    • More support- having a marketing pro on speed dial would be amazing?
    • Offerings that are irresistible and priced in alignment with your value?
    • Dedicated, supportive, and connective time that produces results from your efforts?

Join the Soul Biz Society and get what you yearn for… and more!



This year-long support system is all about you and your goals with life and business, dear Heart-Centered Badass. By using the E.A.S.E system, you will banish resistance and embrace flow. It’s time for you to play bigger and step into the light the world needs you to be right now.

The Soul Biz Society is designed to be a place of expansion, exploration, and authenticity.

It’s also a beautiful space for your magic to have more of a role in what you do.

Hustle is a dirty word in the Soul Biz Society- and so 1987.

Together, we work in flow based on our authentic and natural energies and that’s the superpower we use to move the needle in our business. If you are exhausted from trying to figure out what to do next, The Society will restore you in ways you knew you needed but didn’t feel mattered.

Truth is, it does. So, let’s do it together.


  • A Marketing Professional/Partner for a whole year- that’s 22, 2/month, 90-min, group coaching calls (First call of the month focuses on marketing messaging, content, systems, the business “works”. The second call of the month focuses on real-time marketing ideation, productivity, and support with an emphasis on accessing the tools in your Human Design bodygraph) (value $7200)
  • HD101 online course access via the Tiny HD Teachings Library (value $397)
  • Inner Journey Workbook (value $47)
  • 2, business planning strategy group sessions (value $700)
  • Private Facebook Group (priceless connection and support)
  • Marco Polo Access/Email Access


BONUS #1: 90-minute Human Design Reading (value $333)

You will learn more about your Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority- the core components of your chart-and how you are designed to optimally move and operate in the pursuit of abundance, peace, and success. This initial dive into your energetic blueprint will help you understand how you can tap into your design for increased ease in life, business, and relationships- especially the relationship with yourself.

BONUS #2: 2, private, 45-minute, 1:1 strategy sessions with Erin (value $750)
Craving more specialized and focused attention to move the needle in your business? As part of this hybrid program, you receive 2 strategy sessions to work and nuance your offers, copy, pricing, messaging, and overall business model. We will also dive more deeply into your Human Design and tap into the alignment that your business needs from your heart-centered mission.

BONUS #3: 1/month office hour (drop-in coaching) (value $1000)
Once a month, I will host an office hour where you can drop-in and get support. We can work on whatever is blocking you to increase the flow in your productivity.




Your investment

Investing in you and your business made easy! Pay in full or choose a payment plan that works for you.

Erin MacCoy business coach

Meet Erin MacCoy
Your Soulful Business Sidekick/Strategist

Hey! I’m Erin, Founder of The Heart-Centered Badass, the Marketing MindHive, and a Spiritual Intuitive Business Coach for Soulpreneurs.

I’ve been helping soulful entrepreneurs just like you for the past 10+ years to turn their passion project into a profitable business, transform their desire to help people into an energetic and easy endeavor to grow six-figure businesses that fuel and nourish their human experience.

I’ve created the Soul Biz Society from years of practical experience supporting and activating business owners from a place of heart-centeredness to build the business and life of their dreams. Everything taught during this program has been proven to support the optimal next right step…and deepen client attraction and your desire for abundance and prosperity.

The magic of this program is the spaciousness and time we are investing in ourselves and our business to create a business of freedom, mastery, service, visibility, and connection.

I believe soulful entrepreneurs and light workers are being called to step boldly and confidently into their most beautiful power to serve others and support the healing of our planet.

I believe the world needs who you were made to be. Ready to unleash the heart-centered badass from within?

I look forward to working with you!

PS. I know this might be a big decision to make- to go all in on yourself and your business. Feel free to schedule a Connection Call with me to ensure this learning opportunity is the best fit for you and your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if The Soul Biz Society is for me?

This Society is for you if…

You’re a coach, healer, holistic or heart-centered service provider or visionary leader who has hit a plateau in your business OR has only booked a few clients here and there over the last couple of years.

You’re constantly asking yourself what else you should be doing…and the answer always escapes you.

You’re frustrated at the lack of return you’ve seen on all the freebies you’ve opted into.

You feel your marketing messaging, niche, and offers are falling flat (crickets galore).

You “just know” there has to be an easier way to make the right things happen in your business, but you’re at a loss for exactly what that is.

You crave deeper ease and confidence in what you are putting into the world.

You are open to learning how Human Design paired with practical business strategy could apply to your efforts.

You have been asking the Universe for the best business blueprint, that is your very own roadmap to results. #nocookiecutter


When are the group sessions?

Group calls will be on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 12:00- 1:30 pm PST (with a  few exceptions outlined below).

October 10, 24
November 14, 28
December 5, 27* Please note the exception -Wednesday
January 9, 23
February 13, 27
March 12, 26
April 9,23
May 14, 28
June 11, 25
July 9,23
August 13, 27

The monthly Office Hour will be 3rd Friday of the month at 9 am PST. This is a great opportunity to get questions answered, do some co-working, and/or tap into your support system!

Office Hour Dates:
October 20
November 17
December 15
January 19
February 16
March 15
April 19
May 17
June 21
July 19
August 16

Soul Biz Society Strategy Retreats
December 7
December 8
Times TBD

June 6
June 7
Times TBD

All calls will be recorded and accessible in the SBS portal.

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for anyone unwilling to try new things or is not open to exploring something new. This is not for those not looking for support or craving a deeper connection to themselves. This is not for people who are looking for a quick and dirty “fix” to their business challenges.

This is not for people who are not interested in learning more about their Human Design or developing strategies based on self-awareness, fulfillment, and alignment with their personal mission.

This is not for anyone who feels they are so new to business that they’ve yet to work with a single client or do a single consult.

You don’t have to have everything dialed in but, knowing who you want to reach is an important aspect of getting the most out of this program.

This is not for anyone who wants to “go it alone” and not be a part of a collective of soulful entrepreneurs wanting to benefit the greater good.

Please be aligned with sharing, supporting, and encouraging others, and making comments that are in the highest good of all.

What is Human Design and why should I care or consider it a tool in my business?

Human Design (HD) is an energetic profiling system synthesizing traditional wisdom and modern science.

It is also known as the Science of Differentiation and is a robust tool for building self-awareness.

Combining elements of Astrology, Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Brahmin Chakra system, and the Kabbalah with the modern scientific technologies of genetic coding, quantum mechanics, and biochemistry, HD is a comprehensive approach to living a life you were designed to live.

I incorporated the use of HD into my work several years ago and have found my clients find their path quicker and enjoy the ease it brings when it comes to decision making and leaning into authenticity.

How do I prep for the first call?

How do I prep for the first call of the Soul Biz Society?

Download your Human Design Bodygraph at: It’s free and will provide you with your core essentials to begin your HD journey.

Once you join the Society, you will have immediate access to the HD101 Tiny HD Teachings Library of courses on your Human Design. Please watch the videos for your Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority at the very least prior to the first call.

Download your Inner Journey workbook and get started if you’re feeling called to begin the deeper dive into self-awareness.

Book your 2, 1:1 private sessions with Erin to ensure you have the time scheduled.

What is my access to the assets and bonuses of the Soul Biz Society?

You will have access to the components of the Society from the date your register for one calendar year.

Your bonus sessions with Erin must be used within the calendar year of your registration.

What are the physical assets in this program?

What are the physical assets of the program?

The Inner Journey Workbook plus any worksheets or exercises in the portal will be available for download throughout the program duration.

The majority of the program will happen via Zoom (live and recorded calls), in the Facebook group, and via Marco Polo (should you choose to use it).

What if I want to pay the balance on my account after I’ve initially paid?


You can pay the balance of what you owe at any time, and we will only charge you for the portion of the financing fee that you used.


What if I want to quit the program?


If you get through the first month of the program, have participated in all the calls & exercises, and still decide this course is not for you, we will be happy to refund your investment. (Minus the cost of any materials sent to you, or any hours you’ve used with Erin 1-1.)

Refund Requests must be made via PHONE CONVERSATION only, not via voicemail or email, and refunds will be processed 4-6 weeks from the date of approval.

No refunds will be given for quitting the program after completion of the first month.

How much time do I need to commit to the program?

Let’s break this down into a format that makes sense.

Society calls- 2/month 90 minutes – that’s a couple of Ted Lasso episodes on Apple TV
Office Hour- 1/month- that’s one episode “ish” of Gilmore Girls on Netflix
Private 1:1 Coaching with me- 90 minutes total (and more if you choose)
That’s about the length of a movie.
Bi-annual Strategy Sessions: up to 4 hours each (that’s a sweet nap and a beautiful walking meditation!)

HD101 Course: Less then an hour as they are TinyHDTeachingstm

Recommended time to work on your business from these activation points: At least 3 hours per week or 180 minutes…easily broken up into segments, you’re looking at consistent application or implementation.

It’s always recommended to put time into your calendar to work on the elements of growing your business.

I didn’t see my question

Didn’t see your question?
Email me. Let’s chat!