How many products or services are in your pipeline to attract clients?

Every business needs a pipeline of products or services, in some cases ranging from low to higher cost. This is a great idea usually because you want to encourage customer loyalty and have them buy from you on a repeat and regular basis.

The first three questions I ask my clients are:

  1. What is your gateway product?
  2. What is the product or service that brings you to their attention and elicits a purchase of some sort?
  3. What brings them in the door?

What is a gateway product, you ask? It can be a free consultation, a sample or a low cost item. It’s the first item in your offerings that attracts or appeals to them.

What your gateway product or service does is help build brand trust and reputation. If they have a great experience buying from you, and/or the product or service is out of this world, they are more likely to become a higher paying customer because they are trust in what you are selling. It’s a win win.

How do you develop a pipeline of products?

Starting with your gateway product, consider how you can move a customer along the pipeline of possibilities of doing business with you.

Can you offer a product or service under $50, $100, $500?

Think about ways to engage them in your business, and not just sell to them.

Once you have your products and services squared away, pricing them should be a piece of cake. When you consider helping your customer move along the pipeline, it can be easy.

If you need help pricing, pipeline creation of packaging your offerings, let me know. I would love to help!