An intelligent system that is holistic, comprehensive, and unique to you

Human Design (HD) is an energetic profiling system that synthesizes traditional wisdom and modern science.

Combining elements of Astrology, Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Brahmin Chakra system, and the Kabbalah with the modern scientific technologies of genetic coding, quantum mechanics, and biochemistry, HD is a comprehensive approach to living a life you were literally designed to live.

Your Energetic Blueprint

Your Human Design Chart, known as the Bodygraph, is an energetic blueprint- your own personal user’s manual. The first time you enter your information and receive your chart, it might look a little overwhelming. You will see lots of shapes and numbers and you may be asking yourself, “What have I gotten into here?” But rest assured, it is not as intimidating as it looks and you will quickly be able to use and interpret the information to deepen your understanding of what you’re designed to do in life.

We spend so much time trying to fit into different aspects of our lives, we want to act a certain way or we think we should be at a certain point in our lives by a certain time…It can be a lot to deal with! Human Design helps us focus on what we truly are and what we should truly be doing, instead of what we “think” we should be doing. When you align with your truest self, things begin to come easier because we are not fighting with our innate human nature. It’s a simple analogy but it really fits this situation. Instead of fighting the current in resistance, we are able to let go and let “flow” happen with ease.

Aligned and guided support

Human Design can be a game changer in the way you operate in your life- from decision-making to how to best use your energy, it is a helpful tool. There is nothing out there that can help you learn more about yourself, your needs, your direction, and how to better mesh with the people around you.

Who doesn’t enjoy categorizing and analyzing themselves? The lesser-known discipline of Human Design is similar to astrology in that it uses your birth information to generate a unique chart. It can provide you with an insight into your life, your purpose, and much more! So are you as enthralled by the concept of Human Design as we are?

Learning to live in accordance with our inner nature

In Human Design, we learn how to live in accordance with our inner nature, rather than striving after who we are not. It’s a logical theory that combines I-Ching, astrology, the Kabbalah, and the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system.

Energy types and their strategies

Human Design is a helpful guide to living a more peaceful and balanced life that aligns with the way you naturally process energy. It is broken down into five types: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors. Each of the five energies provides its own definition of when you’re most productive and how you take advantage of opportunities. Once you become aware of your Human Design type you may start to notice a specific feeling that arises when you’re not in tune with your energy type.

So let’s take a quick look at the five different types and how they interact with energy.

  1. Manifestor:

Manifestors energy is discharged in massive bursts and they value relaxation in between. One thing that Manifestors have in common is that they do not enjoy being told what to do.

A Manifestor can see where things are going before others do, which is why, in between energy spurts, retiring into seclusion and giving themselves the space and time to enjoy what comes next are crucial to avoiding burnout. If you live by your design, you’ll be at ease with your creations.

  1. Generator:

Generators are people who are passionate about something and have a continuous energy cycle that is meant to eat up their energy during the day and exhaust them by bedtime. They are all about hustling and taking advantage of the possibilities that come their way, be it a new relationship or other opportunities.

If you’re happy with what you’re doing, you’re living your best Human Design. If you go into traditional overwork or people-pleasing mode, you’ll become frustrated. This will make you feel as though nothing is moving in your day-to-day life.

  1. Manifesting Generator:

The energy of Manifesting Generators is a mix of Manifestor and Generator energy. Their method is to react and determine whether their instinct urges them to proceed. They do, however, have the Manifestor advantage, which means they can also inform — but only after they’ve responded.

If a Manifesting Generator is living their design, they will be happy and content. They become dissatisfied if they take on tasks or work that they dislike while ignoring the fact that they enjoy a wide range of activities, such as art and design.

  1. Projector:

Projectors are not particularly energy-efficient, they are meant to work for a significantly shorter period of time. They get their energy from other people and don’t have a lot of it themselves. Because this kind of energy is created to be noticed, they don’t have to work as hard.

If they try to force things and discover that their efforts aren’t working, they’ll become angry and resentful, which is a symptom that they aren’t living their design.

  1. Reflector:

Reflector’s energy, on the other hand, might be so erratic that they require more rebalancing than any other energy kind. Human Design recommends that reflectors wait 28-29 days — roughly the length of a lunar cycle — before making major decisions. Yes, that is how long it takes them to achieve the true balance of their human design.

Reflectors should be amazed and delighted by the uniqueness of their lives if they’re living in accordance with their true design. If they aren’t, they will be disappointed that they can’t keep up with the rest of the world, forgetting that they don’t have to live the same life as others.

HD is information that can be a helpful tool for discovering, and living, your life purpose

In my work with clients, we introduce Human Design into our conversations early in the process to really dig into understanding the client’s energy type, personality type, and overarching life theme. A client doesn’t have to have any knowledge or understanding of this tool in order to begin to explore the design for their life and/or their career. The information revealed through their Bodygraph can set the tone for deeper conversation and discovery of what’s meaningful in their current life and what they’re designed to align with as their truest self.

I love learning more about this multi-faceted modality that brings clients to new levels of understanding and self-discovery. Together, with my guidance, we take the journey that helps them use their energy wisely and purposely without burnout or defeat. We also lean into their highest calling with deeper ease and meaning. It’s an incredible tool that brings joy to the work and yields tremendous results.

Interested in learning more about HD and your purpose?

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