Have you ever wondered what the cost is of not living your life’s purpose?

If you’re feeling lost, uncertain, sad, inadequate, or just plain stuck, this post may resonate deeply.

If you’re feeling confident, sure, happy, or even just plain purposeful, you also may benefit from reading this post.

Either way, I am here to tell you that if you’re questioning what you’re here to do during your lifetime or if you know what you are here to do and not doing it, you are not alone.

The cost is real

When you either consciously or unconsciously choose to not pursue or lead a purposeful life, there are a few things that come at that “cost”. Over time, it becomes easier and easier to accept living with fear, scarcity, doubt, complacency, or self-judgment. You can become even more disconnected from your heart’s desire when you choose to settle for whatever comes your way without your intentions or manifestation focused on creating your future. The great news is you always have a choice to take that first step into a more purposeful and fulfilling life- one where not only you benefit, but your loved ones and the planet’s energy as well. Remember, a soul’s calling isn’t just one-dimensional- it’s a multi-faceted and evolving concern, thank goodness. This means you always have the option to let purpose into your life.

What’s stopping you?

But let’s get back to what stops you and dig into that a bit. Ready? Let’s do it.

  1. Fear
    Yep, you guessed it. Often what keeps us from following our hearts is the dark shadow of fear. Fear rears its ugly head by asking us questions like, “What if I fail?” and “What if I make the wrong choice?” and gives us the worst possible scenario.
    Either way, fear has far-reaching tentacles within our brains and has a way of halting any steps in any direction. Fear is normal, but I invite you to shine something bright and unconditional on it- love. By reminding yourself you’re putting yourself and your desires first, you are showing fear that your love for yourself is stronger and more powerful than anything it can throw at you. Our brains think more than 60K per day and 80% are negative! When you lean into your heart and understand it’s normal to feel scared, it’s also critical to remember it’s normal to want more for yourself… and get it, too.
  2. Scarcity
    Scarcity is fear’s little snot-nosed cousin. They are a dynamic and dastardly duo who are truly out to tangle the wires in your brain and tell you nothing is possible. Scarcity tells you that you will lose if you bet on yourself. Scarcity says that everything you have built and created to this point is just fine and that to want more means risking it all. This is not true. Again, take the time to let your heart lead you to purpose. Tell your brain that you’ve got this and all will be fine. Our brains don’t want us to change. They are always resistant to change up the status quo. However, a life designed by settling for the status quo is not what you’re here to do, dear soulful one. You are here to be who you were made to be.
  3. Complacency
    Ah, good old-fashioned complacency- the snuggly sidekick that keeps you from getting up and doing even just one small thing to move the needle in your journey to creating bliss. Also known as laziness, complacency yearns to keep your butt on the couch and your brain on the screen away from your heart and soul. A jumpstart to activating your purposeful life is to do just one small thing a day to focus on the core of what you are drawn to doing and being. I recommend journaling your gratitude as a practice against complacency. When you express what you’re grateful for, you are actively showing the Universe you are ready to live a life of love and purpose. There is so much power in putting the pen to paper! It’s an antidote for accepting complacency as your sidekick and allows you to be more in flow with your spiritual badassery.
  4. Doubt
    We’ve all said it…”I can’t do it!” or “I don’t even know where to start.” Doubt paints a large-scale picture of you having to struggle to make anything happen. the real question is, What if taking just one step is a whole heck of a lot easier than you think? I invite you to sit with your eyes closed and let deep breathing shine a light on just one thing you can do to erase some of that doubt that is holding you back. The way out of doubt and fear is always to go in and when you sit with your breath for even just a few minutes, it’s incredible how the voice from the deep part of your soul can be heard.
  5. Self-judgment
    When you compare yourselves to others and how they’ve shared or led their journey, you crush your ability to understand that your own personal journey is just that- it’s personal. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others and forgive any perceived stumbles as you begin to focus on living your highest calling(s). Journies are made of a thousand steps at times and there are always bumps along the way. All that matters is that you are gentle and kind as you open yourself up to what is possible.

The takeaway is: What are you really waiting for?

If you are feeling consumed by any of these 5 roadblocks, remember you are not alone. Everyone comes up against their brain every day. The goal is to silence it with love, self-compassion, and the intention to put yourself and your dreams first. This means shining more loving light on the areas of darkness and fear. Banish them to the side and step confidently and boldly into your life’s most purposeful path.

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