Let me start with this: Nothing I teach or share is anything you don’t already know. What I teach you is how to access your purpose and live it as a regular practice. Seriously, this is absolutely true. You really do have everything you need to set the table for a more purposeful life with deeper, personal meaning. You can be your own guru and let that inner knowing guide your path to purpose.

First things first, the word, “guru” is an overused term in our vernacular that has lost its meaning. Simply put, a guru is someone who imparts spiritual wisdom or guidance. Secondly, a guru is someone we put trust in as knowing more or “better” than we do. I invite you to consider that, just maybe, you can be your own guru.

Nothing against some of my favorite healer feelers (they are amazing!), but it’s important to let your own innate knowing also be your guide to enlightenment. It’s called “inner wisdom” for a reason!

We’ve all been there.

I have personally spent a lot of time, money, and effort letting the messages of external forces guide my way. Can you relate? The newest fad. The hippest trend. A “tried and true” approach to living a balanced and happy life. It’s so easy to let someone else drive your decision-making without tuning in to how you feel about things. When we see how others do it or say it, we can easily go with that flow. However, that flow is not our own. We are often paddling down someone else’s river enjoying their view. As we wake up as a collective, our thoughts, ideas, and knowing are so important to elevate our consciousness. Lightworkers, I’m looking at you!

Approach your inner guru with ease.

Once I started doing these 3 simple things, my approach to living a purposeful life changed.
And then, it became a veritable snowball of warm and fuzzy vibes and internal high fives and self-confidence.

Acknowledge what resonates from listening to the guidance of others and let the rest of it go.

As I mentioned above, there are some amazing folks out there who are deeply helpful in impacting the world with their wisdom. It’s important for you to recognize and acknowledge what resonates with you and to let the rest go. You don’t have to subscribe to everything everyone says all the time. You will know what resonates by how your intuition reacts (your gut) or when you take some time to really let it sink in. And it’s ok to have a process of elimination to make sure you are feeding your soul with the best stuff. Plus, letting the less than worthy guru-isms go is a truly liberating part of your process towards being your own guru.

Quick tip: Just take a deep breath when you hear something from an expert or guru and see how you feel about it. Does it resonate? Does it align with you and your personal development goals? Is what they say true for you?

Listen closely to your inner wisdom.

There is something powerful and beautiful about following your bliss by tuning into your inner wisdom and innate personal truth. When you lead your life by staying powerfully in your own truth, the ripple effects across your life will be awe-inspiring. When you take the time to prioritize your own path of more purpose and meaning in your life, leaning into your innate knowing becomes easier and automatic. When you open yourself up, trusting in all you are, you will connect more deeply with your authentic path forward and you will pursue it no matter what anyone else says. You won’t be able to NOT pursue a path of purpose because you will feel 100% called to do it, knowing if you don’t you aren’t living your life wholly.

Quick tip: Answer the question, “What is the most important thing in my life right now? What do I want it to be? How do I feel about this?” By hearing the answer to these questions, you are setting a real intention for deeper alignment with the self. Seeing where there are differences and similarities will help you unravel some of the tangles that could be lingering in your heart space.

Activate what works best for you.

Back to following your bliss, it’s time to trust yourself and your own truth. I often invite my clients to get quiet to hear their truth. There is so much noise in the world these days- getting quiet is a major endeavor. We are bombarded with thousands of messages, thoughts, ideas, and opinions every single day. Our own voices can be completely drowned out by the energies and intentions of others. However, when you take the time to stop and listen to the knowing inside you, you will be amazed at how much easier it is to discern your truth from the “truth” of others.

Quick tip: Set a timer for 2 minutes. Find a quiet place to sit or lie down. When you get comfortable, close your eyes and take 4 or 5 deep breaths. Once you feel a little more settled, visualize your future self as already having accomplished the dreams you want for yourself. Do this visualization once a day for seven days. See what comes up for you. Take time to give that space to ruminate. Stay positive. Be gentle with yourself- putting yourself as a priority takes practice. Visualization can really help.

There are 3 easy ways to be your own guru:

  1. Acknowledge what resonates. Leave what doesn’t.
  2. Listen to your own knowing. You have everything you need inside you to help guide you in your journey.
  3. Activate your truth and own it like the powerful being you are!

Bonus quick tip: Be gentle with yourself. Listening to your own innate knowing takes time sometimes. Your experience is, just that, your own to navigate and learn from. Each step has something to teach you and when you learn from these steps, your experience grows deeper and deeper.

Start small, but start!

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