I admit it. I’m a notecard junkie.

I send them. I love getting them. When I’m in the store, I get giddy when I see boxes of them. They are notecards and they matter. Sending things by mail matters to me. It helps me to stand out. It helps me connect with the people I love, the clients I appreciate and others who just plain make my day.

Check out last week’s Your Monday Marketing Minute

In last week’s Your Monday Marketing Minute on Facebook, I talked about committing ourselves to just one thing to finish strong in 2017. I made several suggestions that can help move your marketing forward as the year closes. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions and emails on other ideas. It was super fun to connect and collaborate!

This week, in my Facebook video, I spent my marketing minute talking about a great “one thing”- sending notecards. It’s a powerful and authentic marketing maneuver. I highly recommend you consider this a tactic for your marketing plan. It’s easy and can be fun too.

Here are a few tips to consider when writing someone a notecard:

  1. Know your audience! The content within the card needs to be written specifically for the person receiving it. If you don’t know them that well, don’t be too familiar.
  2. Be yourself! This is a great way to let your personality and heart shine. Don’t be afraid to express gratitude or sentiment (however, remember to consider #1 before getting too gushy!).
  3. Hand write the card! This is a personal note, not a generic one. Use a pen you love and get writing. Hand address the card and use a nice looking stamp.

If the idea of writing a personal note gives you pause, shoot me an email and let’s figure out another way you can connect with the clients and prospects in your life.