Muddled and murky?

One of my clients’ biggest challenges is going from muddled in their decision-making to clear. And, truth be told, when you knock overwhelm on its butt, you are activating a trajectory of light speed towards your most desired outcomes.

Enter Human Design

Human Design is one of the best and most effective tools I use in business coaching. Human Design (HD) is an energetic profiling system synthesizing traditional wisdom and modern science.

Combining elements of Astrology, Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Brahmin Chakra system and Kabbalah with the modern scientific technologies of genetic coding, quantum mechanics, and biochemistry, HD is a comprehensive approach to living a life you were literally designed to live.

Truth is, Lovely, your energy is unique to you, and it’s time you use what you got to your advantage.

Essentially, that’s what integrating HD into your business is all about. You being you is the best way to attract your most desired clients.

Here are a few tips to get clarity about what to do next in your business:

  1. Stop letting your brain run the business.
    While this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, I’m serious. Your brain only wants a few things in life- 1. To seek pleasure. 2. To avoid pain. 3. To keep you from taking risks. It’s not meant for decision-making, for real. It’s guard-dogging you from leaning into your heart AND disconnecting you from your calling. So, the tip here is to remember that your best foot forward focuses on your authenticity and feels good and honest to you. In Human Design, you have a specific decision-making tool in your chart that is NOT the brain EVER.
  2. Stop what you’re doing and shift your energy when you get overwhelmed.
    If you’re working on your business and feeling lost, please stop and return to it. Permit yourself to pivot into something else. Come back to it later when you feel more lit up to work on aspects of it.
  3. Embrace exploration.
    We live in a time when we need to flex constantly, and it’s ok. Everything we used to do to make things happen (both in life and business) no longer produces the results we want. You must embrace exploring something new based on what feels like you and what feels good.

Don’t go it alone, Lovely.

When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s too easy to get wrapped up in the crazy thoughts our brains churn out daily. Remember, your brain doesn’t want you to uplevel ANYTHING. Share your thoughts and fears with a trusted colleague or friend! Get out of your head- it’s not safe!!

Want access to more clarity?

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