Success does not always equal fulfillment

Wayyyy back in 2017, I was a successful Marketing Coach with a full practice. I was known for a number of things- helping business owners get results for sure but also being a connective Brand Strategist. While I was mostly happy with what I was doing regarding client services, something inside me felt unheard and empty all at once.

One day when I was hanging out with my sis-in-law, she mentioned something that would ultimately change my life and business forever: Human Design, the Science of Differentiation. A self-awareness tool that helped her lean more deeply into her human experience and gave her the confidence to create her future in a way that aligned powerfully with her calling to serve others.

Needless to say, I was intrigued. I have always been a soulful seeker with spiritual practices and a total and complete “woo” side. I had never thought it possible to integrate my woo with my business, so I was curious to learn more about “HD.”

A chance Human Design reading like a thunder clap from the Universe

She gifted me a reading from a friend who was also diving deep into the Human Design system. To say my reading was robust is an understatement. I was quickly overwhelmed by all the information he provided me, and I almost immediately shied away from the pages he sent me. Even though the reading was about me, I was turned off by the presentation of it all. I could sense the excitement of it from his side of the reading, but I also sensed that I would not be able to take it all in at once.

Boy, that intuitive “hit” was right on.

So, I put my reading aside and carried on. Business was business. Life was life.

Then the pandemic hit, and I was left with time to explore where I was. I took another look at the reading he gave me.

Pandemic revelations

It was this line in it that rocked my world:
You have tremendous potential for transforming the consciousness of others.

Something in that sentence activated in me something essential. I realized that I feel my most aligned and joyful in my work when I support the business owner behind the business to realize their gifts and to step confidently and powerfully with clarity into what they are called to do.

I began researching HD, devouring it. I began studying it. And, slowly, over time during the pandemic, I began to ask my clients the questions that had activated in me such a purpose and a desire to play bigger and more powerfully in my life and business.

A whole new way of client interaction and activation

My clients began to respond with new energy and a renewed sense of self. When this happened, their businesses thrived in ways that were sustainable, measurable, and scalable. I saw them lean into their own innate gifts and talents, and their businesses flourished as much as they did. And, importantly, I felt a joy in my heart that was so magical.

I appreciate you reading this post today. I appreciate you, for being a part of the story and journey that is unfolding for us both!

Interested in Human Design?

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