Ok, this last post in the Branding vs. Marketing Series is a doozy.

You might not like what I’m about to recommend. But before I recommend anything, I am going to give you a little framework to work from.

Don’t worry- you’ve got this.

You’ve built a brand that is meaningful. You’re doing your best to be consistent, so as to not appear like you have ghosted your social accounts. You’re building the reputation of being a trusted brand.

Pop the bubbly- you’re doing it!

Congratulations! You are officially getting it done. You are officially making time for marketing.

Naturally, this is not all you need to do- or can do. (You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?) This is only the start to taking strides to make marketing your business a part of your plans every week.

What I want to ask of you? I want you to do a little bit more. I want you to commit a little bit more to marketing your business every week.

Now-that said, get ready, here is comes:

Before you lose your mind to the thought (hopefully not!), I want you to consider putting 15-30 minutes per week aside JUST FOR MARKETING.

You can do this. I know you can.

Ok, so you may have set up some social posting (check!) in advance, but now I really want you to look at your prospects and current customers every week and gauge their interest level in you, your business, and another possible purchase.

I recommend you create a 3-part list that you refer to every week. We’ll call it the ABC list.

“A” means clients who are the closest to you. They are devoted. They’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. They’ve been a repeat customer. They’re your Brand Ambassadors and biggest fans. You want all your clients to be “A” clients.

“B” means clients who have bought from you once or even twice. They have had a good experience interacting with your brand. They have the potential to buy from you again. They have the potential to give you a good review or tell someone about you.

“C” means prospects who aren’t yet clients, but have shown interest. They circle around your products and services from time to time. They are in the funnel to buy from you, but haven’t yet. They need just a little bit more encouragement to become a client.

Split your database or client list into these categories. Taking the time to do this is really important. The lists will be evolving over time. You will remove some from one column to add to another as well as possible delete some altogether. This is normal.

Once you have these lists created, you’ll be able to develop communications to each column. This is the “do more” part. Once a week, I want you to come up with a list of contacts you want to contact and, at least, touch base with. Build relationships with these folks- they are your target audiences come to life!

Quick note: There are further elements to explore when segmenting your lists. If you’d like to know more, ask me.

Once you have your lists created, a few minutes every week is all it takes to touch base, communicate and remind your target audiences that you are there for them. The more personalized the communication, the better. I know you’ve got this!

I work with my clients all the time on creating the best communications for each column. If you need help figuring that out, let’s talk. I have some deeply effective ways of inspiring your lists to greatness (aka the purchase).

Email me now to learn more.