Taking time. It’s a gift to yourself.

The other day it occurred to me that all we do nowadays is try to survive this pandemic. That could take the shape of working all the time or distracting ourselves by binging tv shows or by checking out through other outlets. Anything to just get through.

It also occurred to me that we need to slow down and stop to acknowledge and celebrate the moments- big or small- that help gives our life some meaning. Whether you just got the kids to school on time for the first time in ages or you actually made coffee today without too much issue, you are showing up for your others often more than you are showing up for yourself.

So, why not give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done? And why not do it often?

In a world where we are heads-down-nose-to-the-grindstone way too much, we can often put ourselves last when it comes to celebrating what we accomplish- or try to. Either way, when was the last time you marked the occasion of the end of a project or the end of the week with some personal, self-inflicted high-fives?

In this video, posted originally to my Facebook page, I share a little bit of encouragement on how to make it through but also how to celebrate.

I invite you to try making a conscious effort to stop and give yourself some rewards for all you are doing just to get through!