What is Reiki anyway?

Reiki is a holistic therapy based on the concept of Eastern energy flow with the conglomeration of seven chakras. Chakras are the energy centers in the human body. According to some therapy experts, the human body has seven focal points. The therapy of Reiki concentrates on those points.

Reiki was invented and formulated by some of the great Japanese healing teachers. The most influential among them is Mikao Usui. Around 1980, Usui incorporated the basic Reiki meditation techniques, beliefs, and symbols. Most of the methods in this meditation therapy are considerably older.

The processes of this therapy are very distinctive compared to other forms of alternative meditation. Reiki meditation normally concentrates on self-healing, concentration, the five spiritual principles, and the accreditation of the healers through a process of initiation.

What are the primary principles of Reiki?

The main purpose of this therapy is to be able to heal emotional and spiritual flow. The other sub-purpose of this therapy is to gain physical stamina and resistance from the pain. This therapy can also transmit the flow of universal life energy called ki in Japanese. Most of the Reiki therapy teachers believe that ki flows through the universe, and the therapy connects the energy to the human body. Reiki can be used in healing animals as well as people.

The practice of self-healing by the Reiki healers is done by placing their hands in a traditional position, stimulating their own body energy. Reiki can also be practiced through group and distance healing. In group healing, there are two or more Reiki practitioners placing their hands over the body of the patient.

In distance or absence healing involves visualizing the patient, and his or her illness through the Reiki symbol.

My own Reiki journey

My interest in Reiki began before I knew what energy healing or light touch even was. I can remember putting my hands on people and feeling them lean into the warmth of my radiating energy even when I was a young girl. I didn’t know how my own intuitive touch would impact them. I just knew that I could feel their pain and could help them by just being present in it with them.

I feel like the Universe heard my call for more knowledge on this a little over 10 years ago. I did my Reiki I and II with a dear friend who gave me and a group of soulful seekers the space to learn, grow, and practice. It was a divine experience! Before I went into coaching, I considered seriously opening a Reiki practice and really homing in on more of an approach to real proficiency. After my initial training, I found myself fascinated with how Reiki impacted the animals in my life. At the time, I had an extremely high medical needs dog who responded wonderfully well to the soothing energies of Reiki, bringing him calm and peace. I also played with distance Reiki, helping a friend on the other side of the world when her eyes were giving her real trouble and she was deeply anxious about losing her sight. I would dedicate time to her optimum health and “send” her Reiki every day. She didn’t lose her sight, thankfully, and her anxiety around her eye trouble did indeed lessen.

I saw the value in this modality instantly and discovered that there are so many ways to use it for good when it comes to connecting with energy. One of the most poignant moments I’ve had doing Reiki was for my cousin who was a terminal cancer patient. Every day for months, whether I was with her in person or not, I would send her Reiki and devote many hours to her peace and tranquility while she was going through treatment. She was very generous in her praise of the modality, and I admit it felt good to know that there was something I could do to support her in such an intense time.

Now, in my practice with clients as a Spiritual Intuitive Life and Business Coach, I am beginning to bring Reiki increasingly into our conversations and sessions. My fascination with energy, how it works, how it supports, and how it transforms, continues and I can’t wait to see how else Reiki can support people on this planet in their own personal journey to deeper human experience and enlightenment.

Curious about how energy healing and coaching come together for transformation?

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