To video or not to video- there is no question.

No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Video is where it is at when it comes to marketing your business.

If you’re not doing video, you’re not being seen (or building trust).

I have been doing video now for more than a year. It took a lot for me to get past looking at myself on video. It’s not easy to not get nit-picky about your features, your flaws and your nose, etc. But, it has to be done in this age of video marketing.

People are more likely to click a video than a photo, just as they are more likely to click a photo than a heading. In the age of wanting what you want when you want it, video is all the rage. And what’s more- it’s likely to be this way more and more into the future.

Why is video so important in digital marketing?

1. People resonate with people

When people can interact with the actual person selling them something, they feel a sense of trust that can’t be imagined. It’s something about being able to see the eyes of the person. Truth be told, people remember experiences and emotions more than they remember a product, so when you’re doing a video, you’re giving them an experience to remember in order for them to trust you. They get to know you and, hopefully, like you and, hopefully, buy from you.

2. People are lazy

In an age where instant gratification is key, video is the slam-dunk of communication tools. It’s less effort to watch and absorb a video than it is to read and absorb text.

3. People are inherently curious

A video is a tool that piques our curiosity. It serves as a look into someone else’s life..or in this case, business. Either way, we have a voyeur mentality as human beings and we love to look in on things.

So, dear reader, it’s time for you to take the leap into video.

Do you Polo?

I recommend you start getting comfortable seeing yourself in the frame. A great tool for practicing your video skills (and having some fun with friends) is a walkie-talkie video app called, Marco Polo. It’s a messaging system that allows you to make quick videos and share with friends. There are fun features, like filters, to help you get your silly on- or not. I have been using Marco Polo in my communications with both friends and clients, and we are all having a blast.

It occurred to me the other day just how much I have gotten used to seeing myself in a video- and it’s really helping me feel comfortable in doing my Facebook and YouTube videos every week. Even though I don’t necessarily get silly on my Facebook business page, this app has really helped me lighten my mood when I’m offering up content via video.

Try using the app with a few trusted people in your life. Have some fun. Be yourself. It will only do your business videos good!

Contact me now and let’s get on Marco Polo together. 🙂