Spoiler alert: This post may illicit action on your part.
Another spoiler alert: Your future self will give you such love for doing so.
Yet another spoiler: Living purposefully may be easier than you think.

Finding your purpose is only the start of it all.

If you’ve been following my journey for some time now, you’ve noticed (hopefully!) that I talk a lot about “finding your purpose.”

What if, for just a moment, let’s consider this:
What if your purpose is not actually lost?
What if you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot and feel like you live your purpose every single day?

I invite you to read on regardless because, as written in the above spoiler alerts, you may just get ideas enough to create awareness and illicit action to continue to do so- but at an even deeper level.

Seriously, read on for more. I dare you. 🙂

So, when I talk about finding your purpose, I am actually encouraging you to practice more self-love. To give those inner voices asking you to “try this” or asking “why not” their due. I am asking you to take a chance on the dreams and desires you may have long put on the shelf, dust them off, and take a first step in putting them at the forefront of all you do.

Truth be told, I’m asking you to follow your bliss.

It’s your bliss, after all, so what’s stopping you from following it faithfully?

“Yeah, yeah,” says your inner critic, who has long been in charge of You Operations.

“Yeah, yeah, follow your bliss. Sounds like a prescription for “woo” that I’m not willing to fill.”

Here’s the thing though (and do ask your inner critic to take a back seat to your beautiful, authentic heart for a moment): Following your bliss starts with awareness that may take action and be put into practice. If this sounds like work to you, I encourage you to flip the script and consider it a path of least resistance because it’s a path that is going to be so fulfilling, so energizing, and so juicy, that you might even consider it fun. A practice that is focused on developing the muscles to follow your purpose wherever it takes you is a practice well worth doing.

Practice does not mean to make perfect.

When I work with clients on discovering re-connecting to their purpose, I am asking them to identify what is meaningful to them- past, present, and future. It all starts with an understanding of where we’ve come from. Taking a personal inventory of our lives helps us understand patterns, trends, ideas, and personal concepts that either can become imprinted in our brains, often at the expense of the soul’s calling. When we start with where we’ve come from, we have a chance to adjust our path forward. We have choices.

As we look toward the future and begin to give ourselves permission to lean into the meaning we seek, we are able to intuitively as well as practically put activities that help nurture that path into, yes, you guessed it, practice. For some, this might mean learning more about ways to stay connected to purpose through something like meditation or journaling. For some, it might mean writing down dreams and analyzing them. For most, it means finding something to do or act on regularly to keep your circuits open to moving forward in a new way and being open to what may come from that. It means putting yourself and your vision of purpose first, last, and always.

You don’t have to be perfect at it. All you have to do is be willing to explore.

If you’re one of the millions who are awakening to the idea that there might be more to the life you wish to live, you are already on the path. How easy was that? It’s like breathing. You take a breath in. You exhale it out. You are there. Once you’ve got the hang of that, you won’t believe what can happen. By the way, you are definitely not alone. A shift happened during the pandemic that helped human beings understand their role(s) in the Universe more acutely. We were given the gift of time for reflection- our pace was literally shattered. With all regular constructs removed, so much was there to, well, explore.

Well, pathfinder, are you ready to take another step toward a deeper human experience, one that is aligned so perfectly with what your soul is called to do? Schedule a complimentary consult with me and let’s begin the exploration of what is absolutely possible. I would love to hold space for your thoughts, feelings, and vision.