Pandemic fatigue is real.

As we remain isolated from our regularly scheduled programming, aka our lives, one thing is clear. We are over it. We are done. We are overworked, exhausted, and, as a collective, disconnected.

Perhaps you wonder why I am saying this. Here’s the story behind that:

More and more people are realizing that online business and online marketing are a major force of nature as we move forward. Truly, no matter what happens, I have a feeling we will never be able to go back to the cozy ways we marketed, the tactics we used before that worked, or resume the normalcy we took for granted.

In my world, where marketing your business in new ways is a blood sport, I am seeing many business owners go from what I call, “Hope Marketing” where you hope whatever you do works, to “Eff it Marketing”, where you throw your marketing tactics out the window and just post, post, post, in the hopes of being seen, heard, and valued. When it comes to building trust, consistency remains an important part of any marketing plan, but to post for posting’s sake feels like a dangerous gamble to me.

My reasoning:

  1. When you “eff it”, you are releasing you and your business from creating value-add content. People continue to resonate with people, and they need to understand who they are buying from before they buy. The customer journey remains a long one these days as people are more hesitant to spend money, so it remains so critical that you take a few moments to breathe and plan out what you want to share.
  2. There are so many businesses trying to be seen now. There are so many business owners vying for attention and conversion. When you “eff it” when it comes to marketing, you are contributing to the noise that is Social Media. You want meaningful conversations, but meaningless static

What to do:

  1. Slow your roll, people. This is not a drill. Take the time to make even a micro plan- just a few steps in your communications. What are relevant topics to your people right now? How can you show them how you are doing, both in life and business? Showing up as a human first is a great way to build trust.
  2. Remember you don’t have to post in a frenzy just to “keep up with the Jones”. You can establish a posting schedule that feels right to you and your people.
  3. Remember why you got into business and stay rooted in that.

I also recommend giving yourself a break. Get off the rat wheel of frenzied marketing without thought and take some time to re-group.

Ask for help where you need it. Engage with others to create systems that work for everyone. Don’t be afraid to move with the changing tide.

Pandemic fatigue is real, y’all. Don’t let it get you down. We will get through this- together.

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