Are you a review reader?

Your customers are. And get this: They will listen to, and heed, the advice of people they don’t know on a review site. It happens all the time.

How many times have you gone to Yelp! or other review sites to find a good taco place? We’ve all done it. And how many times have you read the best reviews- and the worst ones- to help you make your buying decision?

I’m guilty of it too.

I did this very thing just last night. I let the opinions and reviews of people I do not know dictate where I would spend my money on tacos for dinner.

Reviews. They are critical to your business. They are also critical to your brand. Here’s how and why: You take a thoughtful approach to developing a brand that you hope people will resonate with, learn to trust, and buy from… again and again. That’s all you can do as a business owner- work with integrity and set the course for success.


A review can make or break a brand- and a business

Online reviews make or break your brand.

Once your brand is out there though, there is a no-holds barred approach to testing that brand through something called the customer experience. Through the experience and buying decisions of your customers, your brand is put to the test.

These experiences lead to reviews, good and bad. These reviews begin to define your brand- whether you like it or not.

Get expert advice from someone who knows.

I asked my friend, Chris Lollini, at Reputation Igniter, an online review gathering system, for some advice and tips for business owners looking for an edge.

“Make sure you understand where your reviews are coming from,” said Chris. “Be sure to reply to every single one publicly¬†— whether they are stellar or terrible. You, as a business owner, need to connect with your customers as well as show potential customers you care about every one of your customers.”

He continued, “Be sure to manage your online reputation or brand. Remember, Google and other review sites have more power to turn your carefully developed brand into something else when 84% of consumers believe online reviews as much as a recommendation from family and friends. Hopefully, reviews will launch your brand, reputation and business to greatness!”

If you’re looking to learn more about how to manage your online reputation or brand, I strongly encourage you check out Reputation Igniter as a solution. You can always contact Chris too- he’s friendly, smart and my go-to resource for brand management.

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