We all have ‘em- those little voices or self-limiting beliefs in our head that tell us we can’t do or be something.

The voices in the brain that can nag at you to do this or that, or not. It happens to everyone, including the most mindful and conscious entrepreneur. Self-doubt is real, y’all.

You always have a choice, I promise.

The mindset you walk through life with can be the difference between real and lasting success and complete and soul-sucking failure (the kind of failure that you can’t get past in order to try something else to achieve the success you’re craving.). Every thought can motivate your next action. It’s important to know that everyone has self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, but it’s equally important for you to know they are just that- thoughts. They don’t make you, you… unless you let them.

Everyone everywhere struggles with self-limiting beliefs and a paralyzing mindset of fear and uncertainty. While it’s quite normal to feel these highs and lows, it’s also helpful to know that you don’t have to stay in those patterns of negativity.

Crack the code.

Return to your heart and your own personal “why” of it all.

Ask yourself:

“Why do I work in the field or industry I work in?”
“What motivates me in my life or business?”
“What brings me joy?”
“What kind of impact do I want to make?”
“What is most important to me?”

By returning to your heart’s desire, you can access and tap into a limitless supply of love, compassion, and understanding for what truly moves you to do the work that you do.

Kick the itty bitty shitty committee to the curb.

This place of tenderness can kick the itty bitty shitty committee that is in your brain telling you that you can’t do it, or that you’re a phony and no one will ever love you, to the curb. Combined with taking deep breaths, connecting with who you are at your core, can be a powerful and necessary process.

Your own true north is inside you.

When I work with clients, we often encounter the negative voices of the mind trying to drive the situation at hand: the living of a most purpose-filled and joyful life. I coach my clients to counter those voices from a position of love and understanding. They are only thoughts- one or two of thousands we have every day. Give them the floor for a moment, then sweep them away in a cloud of dust. Your heart is what drives you and that is your own true north.

Take a few minutes and try this-

Write down the answer to what is most meaningful to you in life and post it somewhere you’ll see it on the regular- the bathroom mirror is a great place, for example.

Read it aloud often… especially when a negative thought is trying to derail you.

As my mother says, “Don’t let the turkeys get you down!” If one post-it is not enough, add another by your bedside or in the kitchen on the fridge.

Be gentle on yourself. Be kind. Remember, the longest relationship you’ll ever have in this life is with the person you see in the mirror every day. She or he or they deserves the sweetest love of all.

Would you like to connect more to what fuels you at a cellular level? I would love to help you find ways to live more purposefully so that you can have the life you deserve. Let’s connect and chat.