Blogging matters.

One of the best marketing tactics around is blogging. A blog provides dynamic and new content to your website. Search engines love new content. They are constantly looking for it. If you want to be noticed by Google and others, you have to blog. Period. Repeat.

Stuck for ideas on what to write about?

Writer’s block is a common thread in life for most people. Whether you’re world-famous novelist or writing a birthday card to someone you love, you can be stuck for words.

In this post, I shed some light on possible blog ideas to help you get over that dreaded block.

Get inspired!

1. Write what you know

Are you an expert in your chosen field who can speak to a number of relevant industry topics? If the answer is yes, you can share your experiences with your readers. Writing what you know comes easiest. Share best practices, lessons and your expertise.

2. Lists are irresistible

I love the delightful quick and easy list of tips. This is fun to write typically and even more fun to read. They should be short, relevant and share insights with your reader. Lists are a true gift. This is one of my favorite ones.

3. Interview a colleague or customer

People love a good interview where the viewpoint and perspective is from someone involved in the business or someone who has purchased from the business. Interviews should be prepared before hand, with the blogger (yes, that’s you!) sending the questions to the interviewee for them to prepare. You can write out the interview, do a video of the interview, or upload an audio file of the conversation. Make it fun. Make it relevant to your industry.

4. Customer success stories for the win

Everyone loves a happy ending, so give them what they want. Your prospects want to learn more about your current (and happy) clients, so share the tale of a succes with them. Plus, the customer you profile will be more than happy for you to share since they love you so much!

Make a plan

Getting a content plan in place makes thing a whole lot easier. Plan out your blog content, so you’re not stuck when it’s time to post. I recommend being consistent in posting otherwise people will think you’ve forgotten about that.

Be sure to share your blog on your social media channels. It needs to be well written, well thought out and easily digestible. If you need some support, send up a flare.

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