When a Manifesting Generator (MG) works with a Manifestor professionally, especially in a supervisor-staff member dynamic, it’s crucial to leverage both human design types’ unique strengths and working styles to foster a harmonious and productive relationship.

Understanding the Energy Dynamics

A Manifesting Generator is known for their ability to multitask and their rapid response to challenges, thanks to their sustainable energy. They thrive on various tasks and projects, which keeps them engaged and efficient. As a supervisor, an MG can naturally inspire and motivate others with their dynamism and endurance.

Manifestors, on the other hand, are initiators with the power to start new projects and create impactful change. They value independence and can be great at getting projects off the ground. 

However, they might not always follow through as they quickly shift their focus to new inspirations.

Tips for Effective Collaboration

  1. Leverage Strengths: As an MG supervisor, channeling the Manifestor’s ability to initiate into valuable directions that align with team goals is beneficial. Assign them roles where they can use their initiating power to kickstart essential projects.
  1. Communicate Openly and Clearly: Manifestors appreciate autonomy and sometimes feel restricted by too much control or supervision. It’s important for you, as an MG, to communicate expectations and objectives clearly but also allow them the space to work independently. This respects their need for freedom while keeping them aligned with the team’s goals.
  1. Provide Feedback and Recognition: Manifestors thrive on recognition and being seen for their contributions. Regular, constructive feedback helps them stay aligned with the team’s objectives. As an MG, your natural enthusiasm can be very motivating, so use it to encourage and acknowledge the Manifestor’s achievements.
  1. Encourage Initiative Within Boundaries: Set clear boundaries and guidelines to help the Manifestor understand their operational limits. This helps prevent potential oversteps due to their natural inclination to initiate and lead, ensuring they contribute positively without disrupting the existing workflows.
  1. Harmonize Energy Levels: While MGs can maintain a high energy level for longer periods, Manifestors might burn brightly and then need to retreat. Acknowledge these differences in energy cycles by allowing flexible working conditions, which cater to these varying energy levels.
  1. Build Trust and Support Autonomy: Manifestors value trust and autonomy. Demonstrate your confidence in their capabilities and decisions, which empowers them and strengthens their loyalty and commitment to the team.

By understanding and respecting each other’s unique traits and working styles, a Manifesting Generator supervisor and a Manifestor staff member can create a powerful synergy that enhances productivity, fosters creativity, and leads to fulfilling outcomes for individuals and the team. This relationship, guided by mutual respect and empowerment, can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

More on the working relationship of Manifestors and Manifesting Generators

Manifestors do not like being told what to do and do not appreciate being asked questions about their actions. The best way to support their success is to allow them to follow their Strategy and Authority, informing as they initiate and activate their ideas or energy. This is their genius; they prefer that their people listen and support them rather than question their processes or ideas. 

Manifestors can come off as “know-it-alls” at times. They tend to interrupt during conversations because they get sudden bursts of energy to initiate and inform on what’s powerful for them. This can be misunderstood by other Energy Types as having “know-it-all” energy. Manifesting Generators move at lightning speed, so it’s best for their working relationship for the MG to slow down and allow for the Manifestor to have space in the conversation to engage at their speed.

When given the space to align with their Strategy and Authority, a Manifestor and a Manifesting Generator can make an incredible team. As in any working relationship, mutual respect, good communication, and a shared mission and values system provide the foundation for the success of this pairing.

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