Conversational Networking for Soulpreneurs: Blending Intuition and Authenticity

As Soulpreneurs, we’re not just in business to make a living; we’re here to make a meaningful difference, guided by our hearts and intuition. Networking, for us, transcends the traditional pitch approach. It’s about creating genuine connections that align with our values and mission. When it comes to networking, we often approach those conversations ready to serve. This can easily lead to an imbalanced networking date where the Soulpreneur is so ready to listen, and to listen for what’s needed by their partner, that they don’t take a step forward to share about themself in an act of reciprocity. It’s not unusual for soulpreneurs to feel like they didn’t get a word in edge-wise when networking with others because they enter those conversations from a place of service instead of energetic exchange.

It’s critical for a soulpreneur, or any entrepreneur for whom relationships are key to their business, to prepare for the networking opportunity as they prepare for a consult. Knowing the questions to ask and doing some research on the person you’re meeting is key, but being able to maneuver deftly in the conversation so that you articulate your value conversationally and in response to what’s being discussed? That’s magic. Being able to show that you’ve “done your homework” can only position you for trust as a service provider.

Here are some ideas to help energize your connection calls or networking opportunities:

1. Embody Your Mission

Before attending any networking event or setting up a meeting, take a moment to center yourself. Reflect on your mission—why you started your business and the difference you want to make. Holding this at the core of your intentions adds depth and sincerity when talking about your work.

2. Create Heartfelt Connections

Begin conversations with the intent to connect deeply rather than to impress. Share personal stories or challenges that led you to where you are, fostering an environment where others feel safe to do the same. This openness can lead to more meaningful business relationships.

3. Intuitive Listening

As soulpreneurs, our intuition is a powerful guide. Use it to truly listen and tune into the needs and values of those you speak with. Notice not just what is being said but the emotion and passion behind the words. This can help you tailor your conversational pitch in a way that resonates personally.

4. Speak from the Heart

When it’s time to share what you do, let it flow naturally from the conversation. Instead of rehearsing a pitch, share from the heart what inspires you about your work and why it matters. This doesn’t mean being unprepared; know your key points, but allow the delivery to be flexible and responsive to the dialogue.

5. Tailor Conversations to Serve

Remember, the essence of being a soulpreneur is to serve. Listen for cues on how to help or provide value, even if it means offering resources outside your offerings. When you approach networking from a place of service, every conversation is an opportunity to support and uplift others.

6. Follow Your Gut

There will be moments when something might feel off despite a well-going conversation. Trust your intuition. It’s okay to graciously step away from connections that don’t align with your values or energy. Similarly, if you feel a strong pull towards someone, even if there’s no immediate business opportunity, explore it. The universe works in mysterious ways.

7. The Graceful Invitation

As conversations naturally conclude, if you feel there’s potential for a deeper connection or business opportunity, trust your intuition on how to propose next steps. Maybe it’s a follow-up coffee, a workshop invitation, or a gentle offer to brainstorm solutions. Phrase it as an invitation rather than a pitch—something that feels mutually beneficial and exciting. If you feel there is an opening for you, take it!

Practice Makes Perfect

Networking, especially for soulpreneurs, is an art that benefits greatly from practice. I encourage connecting with fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs for mock networking sessions. These opportunities allow you to fine-tune your approach, ensuring you remain authentic, intuitive, and true to your mission.

Hey, Soulpreneur Superstar! Want to “have coffee” sometime and practice your skills? Let’s set up a time to get to know each other. Connection calls with me are a great way for you to hone your skills so that when the time comes, you’re ready and able to connect deeply and foster great connections that lead to more referrals.


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