A vision starts with a dream and vice versa

An onion has many layers. So does your business. Let’s start at the center of it all- your vision. When you think about your successful business, what do you see? Images? Feelings? Thoughts? Words?

Another way to look at this is to ask yourself — What does success look like in my business?

By asking yourself some preliminary questions, prior to doing any marketing, you are giving you and your business a chance to develop a meaningful and powerful brand that is based on what you are offering your customers… and the world, really.

Start from scratch… even if you’re not just starting out

When I work with businesses, I sometimes bring a blank white piece of cardboard into our first discover session. I bring markers, post-its and magazines. I bring ideas waiting to come to life.

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A critical exercise in determining how a business will be marketing can come from a collage process. Using magazine images, post-its and markers allows a business owner to dream and really define what the business looks like, what some of the goals might be, and who might be an ideal customer.

Many business coaches use this process to help someone discover what kind of business they want. As a marketing strategist, this process really helps me understand their thought (and feeling) process, so I can make sure we are developing a brand that matters for them and to them, as well as craft a marketing plan that represents the goals of the business accurately.

A little homework to fuel your fire

Your mission should you choose to accept it: create your own vision board, chock full of pictures, ideas, and feelings. Step back. Take a look. See what resonates. Whether you’re just in the beginnings of developing your business, or refreshing what you already have built, this exercise can reveal business potential in minutes. Have fun!

I would love to hear from you. How are you preparing to launch your dreams? What does your vision look like and manifest itself as? Let me know!

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