What if I were to tell you that you hold within you a map to making the most aligned business decisions, a blueprint to unlocking the magic of your life’s work? That cherished map is your Human Design, and it is your key to unlocking the infinite potential within you.

By understanding and embracing your Strategy and Authority, you can create a truly remarkable and soul-nourishing business that positively impacts the world and aligns with your deepest truths.

This post will delve into the importance of utilizing your unique Strategy and Authority to make aligned business decisions and share five heart-centered tips for each Human Design Energy Type.

The Significance of Strategy and Authority in Business

Embracing your Strategy and Authority allows you to align your business decisions with your truest self. You become more aware of your desires, inner guidance, and how to best direct your energy. Here’s what you can expect when you align your business decisions with your Strategy and Authority:

  • Increase in magnetism: Your authenticity will attract the people and opportunities most suited to you.
  • Enhanced intuition: Trust and follow your inner wisdom as it guides you towards your dreams.
  • Resilience: You will navigate challenges with grace and compassion for yourself, knowing you are on the right path.
  • Empowerment: You will recognize your unique gifts and harness them with confidence.
  • Nourishing connections: Fostering soul-centered relationships with clients and collaborators who align with your vision.

Tips for Aligning Business Decisions Based on Your Energy Type


Strategy: Informing
Authority: Emotional, Splenic, or Ego

Dear Manifestors, you are the natural initiators of the world. Your power lies in envisioning and setting things into motion. Honor this gift by:

  1. Embracing your initiatory power: Trust your ability to create and set your dreams in motion, and remember that your power lies in sparking others to action.
  2. Informing others: By letting those around you know what you are creating, you allow them to support and collaborate with you, fostering a beautiful sense of partnership and growth.
  3. Trusting your Authority: Use your natural emotional, splenic, or ego guidance system to make decisions that align with your truth.
  4. Allow yourself space: Feel free to explore your creative energies without feeling confined by others’ expectations.
  5. Rest and recharge: Manifestors have a unique energy flow that requires rest periods to balance their intense creative spurts. Honor these cycles by taking time to recharge.


Strategy: Waiting to Respond
Authority: Sacral or Emotional

Dearest Generators, your powerful radiance attracts people and opportunities to you. Embrace your Sacral or Emotional Authority with these tips:

  1. Wait for clues from life: Let your inner wisdom guide you to respond to opportunities that come your way rather than chasing after them.
  2. Trust your gut instincts: Your sacral authority provides a fountain of gut instincts. Tune in and trust this guidance when making business decisions.
  3. Honor the flow of energy: Your energetic flow is renewable but needs to be applied toward tasks that truly light you up. Allow yourself to redirect your energy as needed.
  4. Focus on what brings you joy: The more you spend your energy doing what you love, the more magnetic you become, drawing in opportunities that align with your core.
  5. Embrace YES/NO decisions: If Sacral Authority, practice asking simple yes/no questions to tune into your Sacral Authority’s wisdom.
  6. Allow clarity to unfold over time: If Emotional Authority, once the Sacral hit happens, give yourself time to allow for the body to catch up to the energy and determine it’s a fit when you feel about 60% there.

Manifesting Generators

Strategy: Waiting to Respond and informing
Authority: Emotional or Sacral

Beautiful Manifesting Generators, your hybrid Energy Type combines Manifestors’ ability to initiate and Generators’ responsive approach. Follow these tips to align your business:

  1. Respond and then inform: Wait for external stimuli, respond according to your Sacral Authority, and inform others before taking action.
  2. Honor your enthusiasm: Allow yourself the space to explore and pivot as needed. Your energy flourishes when you feel excited and stimulated.
  3. Listen to your Sacral Authority: Your sacral voice provides profound guidance. Hone your ability to listen to these cues when making decisions.
  4. Embrace the journey: Be open to changing directions when necessary, and remember that your path is meant to be multifaceted and diverse.
  5. Allow spontaneity: Give yourself permission to follow your impulses while trusting your Emotional or Sacral Authority to guide you.
  6. Allow clarity to unfold over time: If Emotional Authority, once the Sacral hit happens, give yourself time to allow for the body to catch up to the energy and determine it’s a fit when you feel about 60% there.


Strategy: Waiting for an Invitation
Authority: Emotional, Splenic, Ego/Heart, Mental/Self-Projected

Radiant Projectors, you hold the gift of deep wisdom and insight. Embrace your sensitivity and unique perspective with these tips:

  1. Be open to invitations: Allow life to present you with the opportunities that resonate with your inner truth.
  2. Honor your intuition and guidance system: Trust your specific Authority to make decisions that align with your most authentic self.
  3. Share your wisdom: Your insights are invaluable. Share them generously within the right context, cherishing your innate guidance.
  4. Protect your energy: As a non-energy type, you need to be mindful of how and where you expend your energy. Nurture yourself with plenty of rest and self-care.
  5. Trust your worth: Embrace the knowledge that your value lies in your ability to guide and elevate others. Shine your light brightly, dear Projectors.


Strategy: Waiting a Lunar Cycle
Authority: None (Lunar)

Beloved Reflectors, you are the rare jewels of the world, comprising just 1% of the population. Honor your unique wisdom with these tips:

  1. Be patient: Embrace your Strategy of waiting a lunar cycle to make significant business decisions, as it allows for deeper contemplation and alignment.
  2. Learn from the lunar energies: Follow the moon’s cycle to understand your fluctuating energy levels and discern the best course of action.
  3. Seek a supportive environment: A healthy environment is crucial for thriving. Surround yourself with uplifting individuals and nourishing spaces.
  4. Celebrate your uniqueness: Honor the distinctive perspective you bring to the world by trusting and loving your true self.
  5. Listen for resonance: Pay attention to the situations and people that resonate deeply with your core, leading to greater clarity and awareness in your decisions.

Investing in Your Journey

Always trust your inner wisdom. You have much to offer the world, regardless of your Energy Type. Embracing your Strategy and Authority is a lifelong journey of self-discovery and alignment.

Curious to learn if holistic business consulting using the lens and insights of Human Design is right for you and your goals? I am a seasoned business consultant who understands Human Design and has practical business consulting experience. Let’s make your dream business a reality, guided by both your unique blueprint and their invaluable insights.