Thoughts. We all have ’em. Sometimes we have good thoughts. Sometimes bad. Sometimes, well, they can be extraordinary motivation for moving the needle in your business.

Our thoughts are often the driving force behind anything, and I mean anything, we do or don’t do. They guide us. They stop us. They give us PAUSE.

Sometimes those “pauses” that our thoughts give us are completely paralyzing. And those are the thoughts we need to work on, and get rid of, in order to get ahead.

Whether you want to change your life or change your business, you have to start with changing the thoughts that may, well, just drive you off the road and away from any success in that.

When it comes to developing a marketing strategy that works for my clients, we always start with assessing the beliefs they have, both about themselves and the industry they’re working in. This assessment is of great help in determining what the small business owner can do themselves or what they will need more help with. Taking the time to discuss the beliefs behind it all is an important use of time and informs the next steps efficiently.

When it comes to heart-centered marketing, this is equally, if not more, profound. In fact, I often ask my clients to share from the heart to help drive our strategies. I help bring meaning to the marketing if they can bring the heart and soul to work the plan itself.

But back to our thoughts and how they hinder our business development. We all know that when we let our thoughts get the best of us that we can be easily swayed from doing anything at all. The same goes for the thoughts that tell us we aren’t fill-in-the-blank. Whether we think we don’t deserve success or we lack the skills to get there, the thoughts quickly shove our hearts and passions to the side and take control.

It’s a terrible and vicious cycle. When it comes to an effecitve, results-driven marketing strategy, I have yet to meet a business owner who hasn’t, at one time or another, felt less than or lacking. It’s unfortunately something I see too much of in my work. We’ve all been there.

I realized it was very important for moving the business forward to have real conversations around these topics regularly. I started just checking in with clients to see how they were doing and including questions in my onboarding to learn more about them personally- how they show up, how they move in the world.

Here are just a few questions to help you get to the heart of your “why” and to help squelch the thoughts that stop you:

  1. What is meaningful to you in your business?
  2. What drives you to do this purposeful work?
  3. What does success look like?
  4. How does your purposeful work change or improve the lives of your people?
  5. If you took money out of the equation, why do you do what you do?

The answers to these questions help set the tone I mentioned above. They also inform the Brand strategy in a painless, free-flowing way.

For any business owner, whether you identify as a heart-centered business or a shopify store that sells widgets, you have to have a reason or a purpose for what you do. People resonate with people, moreso now in this wild frontier of COVID19 business operations.

Dear reader, why do you do what you do?

Let me know where these thoughts stop your marketing progress. I can help.