Today, we’re diving into the dark side a bit.

I promise if you stick with me during this post, you’ll be rewarded with tools and ideas to bring you more light, energy, and joy.

I recently returned from a much-needed vacation to see my family. I haven’t been able to see them for almost 3 years and that has taken a toll on me emotionally and spiritually. I miss these people fiercely and, as the pandemic loomed on, I have been deeply grateful to use technology to keep us connected.

While away, I kept a journal as usual. Putting pen to paper always helps me and in this case, I found myself thinking about how I use my energy for things in general. In my meditations during the trip, a treasured practice I crave, I realized how frivolous and simple it is to just spend energy as if you will never run out of it and how much of our energy we give to others regularly. It took being away from home to remember how precious it is. Taking myself out of my “normal” helped me realize how tired and depleted I really was from a long pandemic season.  I realized I had to prioritize and protect my energy moving forward so that I can ensure I don’t deplete to that degree again anytime soon.

Energy is precious…don’t let it go down the drain

Our energetic demons don’t play by the rules. They happily suck our time, power, joy, and soul without a backward glance and run us down like the clock in a tie game of chance. They are rooted in fear and create self-doubt as a regular practice. I found myself fascinated by some well-known energetic demons: complacency, poor habits, and expectation. Complacency leads to personal stagnation. Bad habits are distracting and lead you astray. Setting unrealistic expectations? Well, this can lead to disappointment which leads to a whole stack of self-doubt and shame. I know, for me, that my energetic depletion from these demons was very real and I was in real need of replenishment.

Can you relate?

Here’s the thing- each of these demons disconnects you from living purposefully and energetically with intention. They have a direct impact on how you see yourself, how you wish to live, and how you wish to make an impact. Again, they play by their own rules, and they deeply crave acknowledgment and power. When they are in charge, they take your energy and swallow it whole. Your reserves can easily run dry and disconnect you from what’s meaningful. When you are tired or depleted, you have little left for yourself or for the path of purpose you deserve.

Are your energetic demons running the show?

Don’t let them win the day. The first step in crushing the efforts of these demons is just being aware of your actions (or non-actions) at that very moment. By practicing presence you can notice how your actions based on your thought process or feelings are holding you back from connecting more deeply to your heart’s desire or call to bigger and better things.

From simple awareness comes more intentional action. And when paired with deep breaths of intuition and self-love, the energetic demons no longer steer the ship. They fade back into the shadows where they belong. Your energy is restored and your ability to spend it as you wish becomes your own again.

Five steps (er, rules) to energetic freedom

Here are ideas of how you might practice mindfulness around your energetic demons and how to flip the script on their influence.
  1. When your energy dips or flatlines, pause and ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this way?” This one simple question can open the door to raising your personal awareness. Take a moment to hear the answer from deep within. Give it space to be heard.
  2. If you find your low-level energy stems from giving too much of yourself or bowing to complacency, honor your need to rest. Taking rest is a great anti-dote and a well-deserved way of filling up reserves.
  3. If you’re feeling tight on time to re-energize and reset, a simple ten-minute meditation with your eyes closed can help you restore precious reserves. I recommend the Insight Timer app or the On Routine app (visualization app) as resources.
  4. Remember that taking time for yourself and your energy is an important practice to dive into regularly. Being aware and taking a restorative next step is all you have to do to reset the energy you hold dear.
  5. Another great demon vanquishing technique is to pour your thoughts out onto paper and get out of your head for a few minutes. Clearing the brain space for new thoughts- ones that you put there intentionally- can be a real game changer.

Remember, living in your purpose means living from the heart and a place of deep knowing. Don’t share the space with things (or demons) that don’t serve your most meaningful and meaning-filled life!

Are you ready to play by your own rules and vanquish those demons?

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