Create Content that Converts (and how to build it)

Hello dear reader! I hope you had a great weekend, enjoying time with family and friends. Wait…you worked all weekend because you had to get a blog post up? You didn’t know what to write? You ended up on the floor in a puddle of tears because you just couldn’t come up with compelling content?

Been there. Really I have.

In this post, I am going to give you a couple of juicy tidbits on how to create content that matters to your audiences. I am going to try to keep you from working on the weekends- I know it means a lot to me to shut the computer down and enjoy time with my tribe. So let’s get started.

Save time by planning ahead

It’s really important for you, as a business owner, to create a simple content strategy. It will save you time and will keep you from staring blankly at the computer screen wondering what the heck to say. I recommend trying to plan at least a month ahead. Get yourself a paper calendar and do a little strategizing on when to post. Maybe pick a theme. Slot them into the calendar.

Save time with pre-scheduling

You can even pre-schedule them using Buffer App or Hootsuite. These tools save me a ton of time- the great thing is that you can still post organically if something comes to mind. But, I tell you, pre-scheduling feels darn good.

Post what they’d like- not what you think they’d like

Understanding what makes your audiences tick (and purchase) is what matters in creating compelling content. You don’t want to bombard them with posts that don’t have relevance in their lives. Keep it compelling and reasonably light- I also recommend being very careful with posting anything controversial or political. That can open a can of worms that you won’t enjoy, I promise.

A picture is critical to good posting

Post a relevant picture with your posts. Make sure they are clear and interesting. Visual posting is good posting. PLUS- Facebook and other Social Media sites LOVE photos and will post these more often than not in the feeds of your audiences. Trust me, this is a must.

I realize for some of you, this post might feel a little elementary. However, I’m drilling down a bit on how to post because I think it’s important to get focused in order to get ahead.

Like I said, this post is all about getting you up and out of the office, so you can enjoy the weekend knowing your channels are set for success.

Contact me now for more ideas. I have some others to share! Have a great week!