Human Design (HD) is an effective tool I use in my work

If you don’t know much, or anything at all, about this multi-faceted energetic system of divination and purpose, check out this recent blog post.

So, here’s a little story for you

This morning, early bird-style, I was up with the puppy and trying to do art- at the same time. I have a new painting on the easel and I am literally filled with the drive to get it outlined and prepped for paint. I woke up excited and energized to make it happen.

But when you have a puppy…

Now, don’t get me wrong, Baxter, our 5-month-old Border Collie/Lab mix is a cutie pie- but he was also equally amped and excited to start the day early. No matter what I did to try to soothe him and distract him- usually, a chewie of some sort works for a spell- he was in my face to play, go out to potty, or just totally distract me from what I wanted, er, needed, to do.

Manifesting Generator in action…thwarted!

From my linked post, The energy of Manifesting Generators is a mix of Manifestor and Generator energy. Their method is to react and determine whether their instinct urges them to proceed. They do, however, have the Manifestor advantage, which means they can also inform — but only after they’ve responded.

If a Manifesting Generator is living their design, they will be happy and content. They become dissatisfied if they take on tasks or work that they dislike while ignoring the fact that they enjoy a wide range of activities, such as art and design.

The above is so true: I am a Manifesting Generator and I am a powerhouse for energy, getting things done, and doing a bunch of things all at once. However, if I am frustrated or aggravated or distracted from my zone of Zen, I am totally cranky and temperamental. This is my design. When I am in flow, especially creatively, I am a magical being of light, joy, and purpose. I feel in my cells that I am creating from a fully-aligned place of satisfaction. I know I am living my design harmoniously.

Frustration as the not-self and how to flip it

For Man Gens, as I call them, the important awareness to cultivate is to learn how to settle the frustration and ease into peaceful satisfaction. My morning was wiped away taking care of the puppy while I tried to outline my creative work. Being distracted by cuteness wasn’t so cute and I really wanted to do what I wanted RIGHT NOW. Baxter wasn’t having it and I felt enraged to be pulled away from my most important part of the day- creativity flows best for me in the quiet morning.

Sidenote: Yes, I could’ve kenneled him. Yes, I could’ve done a bunch of things to avoid the moments of frustration when I had to put the pen down and manage him. Yes, I know that, however, as a Man Gen, we are designed to do a bunch of things all at once and DO THEM WELL. In this instance, I believe, I was experiencing the frustration just so I could share with you, a possible Man Gen yourself, how to calm the savage beast of frustration.

Gratitude takes center stage to soothe and reset

When I was able to hand off the pupster to my husband, I took a shower and got the download that helped me calm myself. I am happy to report this was super helpful!

  1. Breathe. Breathe deeply. Repeat until calmer.
  2. Remember and acknowledge what you are grateful for.
  3. Be kind to yourself. This, too, shall pass.

Seriously, those three points alone have lightened my heart and helped me feel the satisfaction aspect of my design. So much in my life is a blessing. The world will not end, nor will I suffer, if I don’t get what I want RIGHT NOW (!!!). I am too hard on myself to be “on” and in flow…this will not help my artistic endeavors thrive in the world. Breathing, especially deep breaths, can change the channel of frustration and create real peace inside my heart and soul.

Most importantly, be kind and gracious to yourself

We are all too hard on ourselves as a rule. Even if you’re not a Manifesting Generator, you deserve the kindness you would give others who are short-circuiting. As I wrap up this share with you, I encourage you to reach for peace over the protest, flow over resistance, and calm over chaos. It’s possible when you stay in the aligned gratitude that is within.

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SIDENOTE PART TWO: I wrote this blog post in less than 15 minutes (a record for me) but when you’re a Man Gen and you have your innate knowing leading the way, it practically can write itself and pours out of you. Writers who are Man Gens, you know what I’m talking about. 

SIDENOTE PART THREE: Looking to learn what your HD is? Get your chart here.