Newsletters are the best and easiest way to convert clients

A newsletter is a tool used in reaching your target audiences. These are the folks who have signed up to communicate with you, so your content better be good!


Here are a few essentials to consider when you’re putting together a newsletter:

  1. Wow them with a creative subject line

No one wants to click on a subject line that is flat, boring and unimaginative. Take the opportunity to get creative and make your subject line pop!

  1. Less is definitely more

Remember, most people are reading your newsletter on their mobile devices. A complicated looking newsletter that is a challenge to read will quickly lose their interest.

Keeping it simple is best. A few short paragraphs (yes, short!) and a call to action are best. A call to action is the action you want your reader to take when they are engaged with your newsletter.

Don’t forget images! Images and video get way more attention than words these days. Did you know YouTube is the second most used search engine next to Google (who, by the way, owns YouTube)?

  1. Test and test again

It is imperative to send yourself a test email, so you can see what your audiences are going to see. Check it on desktop, tablet, mobile phone. Make sure it’s formatted correctly, edited for spelling and grammar, and easily digestible.

Here’s a bonus tip:

Don’t send your communications too often!
Remember, these audiences have entrusted in you to not clutter their in-boxes. Schedule your newsletter with that in mind. You want them to enjoy seeing your name in their in-box and stay subscribed to your content.

You don’t have to do it alone. Contact me now.

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