Have you ever wondered what the meaning of your life is?

Perhaps it’s a new idea or one that has been floating around in your soul as you went through the paces of living your life. Either way, in this blog post, I invite you to take a moment and wonder, “Why was I put on this planet? What is my purpose? And, more importantly, am I living it?”
I believe our souls are eternal and that we are given the opportunity for experiencing a human lifetime at least once. If we only get a shot at living on this incredible planet once, what are we meant to learn and share with other souls? If we only get one time around, we better make it good right?
Take a second right now and think about what matters to you. I bet in that list your people show up, right? Your heart is into connecting with someone- be it your family, friends, lovers, or spouses. They matter to you. Your relationship with them matters to you. It fuels you and lights you up. In case you missed it, love matters to you.
However, if we have a lifetime to live, what will we do with it? How will we show up for it? This is your soul’s calling or your purpose. It’s the journey of a lifetime.

But why does finding and following a purpose matter?

As sentient beings, we are curious. We are also interested in having more of what makes us happy or fulfilled. Understanding what that is isn’t always simple. In fact, it can be downright elusive to some.
There are benefits to living a purpose-driven life:

1. Finding your purpose gives your life real meaning.

2. You deepen your values when you live them.

3. When you are purposeful, you increase your feeling of self-worth.

4. When you follow the call of your purpose, you are answering the call to great happiness and joy.

5. People who live their purpose experience improved mental and physical health which reverberates at a high vibration across our glorious planetary home. 

Yes, I just declared that living your purpose really does help the planet and our collective wellbeing and health.

Make space for your purpose like you are making space for a house guest. I’m talking about dedicated time and space to let it come in and warm your home- home really is where the heart is, so creating an opening that is welcoming and inviting is key.

Ask for guidance and get ready

It could be doing some journaling around what’s meaningful to you, about the experiences that have had an impact. Talk to someone who knows you well enough to share their gentle feedback about their perception of your happiness. You could also simply meditate on, “Universe, I am ready to live purposefully. Please help me in finding my path.”

You might be surprised as to how much easier it is than you think to connect to purpose.

If you need help in finding and connecting to that part of your heart that needs more attention, so that you can begin the process of living purposefully, I’d love to be your guide. Life Purpose Coaching moves at the speed of life and it’s a beautiful way to give yourself a gift of time, space, and conscious intention setting. If you want to change the life you have, this is a great way to peel back the onion and discover what’s meaningful to you in new ways.

Schedule a discovery call with me and let’s begin the work that will take you there!