What makes for great content these days?

In a world where we are bombarded with messages all day long, we are often refreshed and rejuvenated when we read content that is meaningful to us.

However, one person’s meaningful content is another person’s spam, and it’s critical to know how to avoid spamming up a prospect or client’s inbox with junk.

This is where thoughtful and strong brand development comes in. In order to determine what kind of content to publish, you need to do some upper level, 40,000-foot view branding work. This is the work I do all the time, to help inform content marketing for my clients.

What is this higher-level branding work comprised of?

The foundation of good brand building is research. You, as a business owner, need to know what you sell and who you’d like to sell it to. Often times, we want to sell to a number of different profiles of prospective customers. These are your target audience. This is where research comes in. Knowing what makes these folks tick is as critical as breathing!

Create key messages that are powerful… and meaningful

Once you have the audiences locked down into profiles, it’s time to think about what to say to them. These are called Key Messages. Key messages are based on the “why” of brand building and help inform your content strategy. I recommend developing messages for each target audience. Each audience has a unique way of processing information as well as determining their buying decision. By knowing how and what to communicate to them will bring them closer to buying from you.

Once you have your profiles and messages lined up, you can determine a meaningful content strategy, including the places you are going to connect with each audience.

Beginning with brand makes content marketing a snap

By doing some foundational research and putting some thought into your content development process by building a brand, it will make creating a content strategy so much easier. Repeat- SO MUCH EASIER! When you have a frame of reference for developing your content for each audience, it becomes a snap to create content that resonates and turns prospects into customers.

Remember, you want your audiences to welcome your content, engage with it, and find value in it.

Sound too easy?
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