Know who you are… and you’ll go far

If the definition of branding is “who you are”, not “what you do” when it comes to your business, it’s important to take stock about the message, tone and voice in all of your communications. If you’re in the spa business and serenity and ease are a part of what you want your clients to feel when they get a treatment from you, you won’t want to use language that is too uppity, forceful or loud. You will want your website to be chock full of content that soothes, eases and inspires your ideal clients to experience your tranquil and relaxing spa. You will want to encourage them with gentle, kinder tones, etc.

What makes you so special?

One of the most effective ways to determine your brand is to give your company human characteristics that describe it. When you outline who you are as a company using human characteristics, it makes it a lot easier to craft the key messages that resonate with your target audiences AS WELL AS determine how to communicate with them.

Serenity now

In the case of the spa: Perhaps some of the human characteristics the spa encompasses are: peaceful, serene and relaxed. True, these are also benefits of the company, but they directly relate to the brand they company wants to be known for.

All of this said- here is the key takeaway from today’s post: The most important thing you can do with your brand is to be yourself. Be yourself! Don’t try to be something you’re not. Don’t put on false fronts on what you’re about. This is crucial. If a customer experiences your brand in a way you don’t want them to, you’re looking for trouble… and your business will not flourish.

Your to-do this week is easy

Homework- ask a trusted friend, colleague or partner to evaluate the way you communicate your business to others. Is it true, authentic and real to the values you are setting for it?

If it’s not, and you’re flummoxed, reach out to me. Let’s set up a strategy session to get your brand on track and your marketing house in order.