Marketing in the time of COVID-19 is tricky, but taking the time to evaluate your business is a great start to making the gift of time count.

Here are some strategies to keep you focused during the quarantine:

  1. Be a human first, then a business.

We are all in this together, so leading with heart and a helping hand is what’s important now. #beofservice

  1. You’ve got the time. Use it wisely.

Dive into those Marketing tasks that you “haven’t been able to get to” or made a priority. We all have things we hate doing or are loathe to make time for. It’s time to put your head down and do some content creation…write blogs for now, for later. Update old blogs with new info. Make a video series. Make sure your contact lists are up to date. Segment those lists for easy communications. When you get back up and running, you will be glad you did!

  1. Work a clients-first approach to service.

Before you ask, “What can I do?” Ask, “What do my clients need?” If you ask first, you might be surprised by the answer. See where you can help, support and provide value. By asking your clients directly what they need, you are positioning yourself as a rockstar. You can also simply check-in and see how they’re doing. Email is a great start. A quick phone call or Skype or Zoom- are also effective ways to touch base in a more personal way.

  1. Ask for help.

We all have extra time right now. Solofunctioning is such an isolating thing to do, especially during a time when we are alone in our minds so much. Create opportunities to connect with people you trust and share resources and time together. Co-working, regular meetings, check-ins…are all great places to ask for support. Plus, when you co-work with another, you are activating the areas of your brain that respond to team building. Not a bad thing to do during this time! Online platforms are everywhere- some are free, too, and very easy to use.

  1. Relationships matter.

Deepen your networking. Reach out and check-in with past clients, contacts, and prospects. Pivot from sales to communicating about this shared experience. You can also offer help and general support. This moment in history is currently allowing for an almost increased intimacy- we are all talking about how we are affected by this virus. It’s a good forum for sharing. Shared experience enhances relationships! Plus, you can do these calls in the comfort of your jammies- who doesn’t love that?!

  1. Evaluate your systems.

What’s working when it comes to marketing your business? Where can you be more consistent? What’s something that isn’t serving your clients that you can leave behind (for now or for always)? When was the last time you looked at the Google Analytics for your website? Updated your SEO metadata? Updated your LinkedIn profile. There is a lot of fun stuff out there, waiting to be dusted off and polished up. Time to make the business shine.

(SIDENOTE— See what I did here? I emphasized the importance of getting some of those pesky Marketing tasks off your checklist, not once but TWICE in this list, under different headings! It’s so important to devote some time to getting ahead during this slower time. You can do it! I believe in you!)

  1. Remember or refresh your Why or How.

If you’re a service-based business, this is a great time to examine your WHY and HOW. When this is all over, how would you like to move forward as a business? Remind yourself why you got into business and stay focused on providing value to your contact list.

Don’t forget. This, too, shall pass. There is light to be seen at the end of the tunnel. Keep your head down and do what you can to build the systems and content you will need once we’re out of this unbelievably tragic time.

If you need help, send up a flare. I’m here to help!


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