Human Design Projector, are you looking for ways to avoid bitterness?

Waiting for the right invitations and trusting your Authority can feel harder for you than other Energy Types.
Every Projector struggles to find ease in the waiting. Try these tips and see what resonates.

  1. Declutter.
    Get rid of things that no longer serve you or bring you joy– stuff, relationships, mindset…anything that’s blocking energy or abundance. When we’re forcing things, we’re out of alignment. Create the environment that signals to the Universe you’re ready for success. Take inventory of your life.

What can you eliminate or stop doing?
What needs to change?
What feels or seems stale?
Where is the most joy in my life and why?

  1. Prioritize inner work.

Your outer world reflects your inner work. Dig deep and transform inside. Heal from the inside out. Consider your journey holistically. Mind/Body/Soul connection. We can only move forward when we’re healing deep wounds from negative past experiences. They affect how we behave right now and can sabotage our alignment. It also means to integrate and accept our whole selves. Our beliefs can make us feel less than worthy. Intentional and conscious releasing helps with alignment. Learn more about critical shadow work or inner child work to boost real healing.

When I slow down, what do I hear/feel/see?
When I close my eyes, what do I see and feel?
Where does my past block me energetically from leaning into the present and my Purpose?

  1. Implement higher-self embodiment practices.

Feel into your true self. It can allow you to stay grounded in your Purpose. Having a vision of your higher self can help you tap into your Authority and minimize jealousy and comparison. Get to know your higher self and journal around it.

What energies does my higher-self embody?
What can I do now to align with that vision?
What does my highest self want for me?

Meditate and visualize!

  1. Prioritize physical self-care.

Moving away from bitterness comes down to the basics, and taking care of the body is critical. When the body feels unwell, you will more easily experience anxiety, fear, and doubt.


How can I prioritize my health?
What can I commit to daily to shine a light on my optimum health and wellbeing?

Feeling better about yourself makes you less likely to feel bitter. Create small, daily habits that nourish you. Revisit your current habits and see what still resonates.

  1. Have fun and incorporate more play into your life.

When you have fun, you are more present and lose sight of feeling bitter. When was the last time you truly belly-laughed?

What do I enjoy doing?
What is it about what I love doing that I love?
How does it make me feel?
Where do I feel joy in my body?

You deserve the best, dear HD Projector.

Do more of the things that you love. The things that make you giggle, gasp with glee, or tingle.
This will support a deeper connection to your authentic and highest self.

Interested in a Human Design reading focused on the success of Projectors? Hit me up for a reading, and let’s dive deep into your most successful design elements. Life is too short to stay in a bitter place!