In a post-pandemic world, stepping out for a night on the town can be an energy drain. Get these 5 easy cures to help beat that energetic hangover.

Okay – so you finally get to go to a for-real, in-person event for the first time since 2020. You feel amazing while you’re there – like you’re getting a vitamin dose you’ve needed for a long time. But the next day? You feel like you got hit by a truck. And you didn’t even drink anything stronger than bubbly water.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the deal: energetic hangovers are real. But Empaths and HSPs, fear not! We have tools that feel good and actually work, for just such an occasion. So, you can get out on the scene once again – a little at a time.

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) are particularly susceptible to the energetic hangover, the emotional residue that lingers from any intentional or even unintentional interactions (hello, other people’s energy can invade our space) with others in a social setting. An energetic hangover can hit our systems hard, coming on fast and furious without apology. When we interact with the energetic field of another, our abilities to ensure we stay balanced come into question. We can easily feel overwhelmed, insecure, unsure, or even nauseous. The aftermath of social interaction can leave an uncomfortable energetic residue that makes us swear we’ll never leave the house again.

Try these handy tips the next time you feel the lethargy, fatigue, or brain fog that can come “the morning after” attending social events. Do whatever resonates with you and leave the rest behind for another day. You know yourself best, so let that be your guide.

5 soul-nourishing cures for the energetic hangover:

Intentionally replenish your body with water. When we expend energy at an elevated level, our bodies need extra nourishment. Be intentional when it comes to water consumption. Double your usual intake if you can. Add some citrus, salt, honey, or cucumber to create an even more refreshing experience- and to keep your palette interested in this critical exercise designed to make your body feel better.

When you feel depleted, your body and soul are yearning for restoration. Plan your day around the moments where you can take a moment or two of repose. If you can, nap. In this post-pandemic world, napping is a superpower you can really tap into to restore and balance your energies. If napping feels out of reach, try closing your eyes when you’re able to and take slow, deep breaths to return to center. If you’re called to meditate, heed that call. Meditation is a deeply restful practice, and it can be a game changer in restoring your precious energy.

Eating right for your body is an important part of “curing” any energetic depletion. Choose nutrient-dense foods as your co-pilots throughout the day. Eat smaller meals that feature protein, fruits, and vegetables to create harmony in your gut during digestion. Be mindful and let your intuition be your guide for knowing what’s optimum for your body.

When energetic overwhelm hits your circuitry, take a break, and reconnect to what’s meaningful to you. Take a break from screens and get outside to enjoy nature and fresh air. Call a close friend and share what you’re going through. Grab your journal and shake out the feelings from the night before and give yourself a hall pass as a human being doing the best she can. Connecting to nature, to close friends, and to yourself are very nourishing activities for energetic restoration.

Remind yourself there is nothing “wrong” with you. You are a human being who is out of practice interacting IRL with other humans in a social setting. Remember, many of us were forced to abandon our pre-pandemic pace and adapt to a much slower roll. During the lockdown especially, Zoom screens mostly muted or depleted our energies. And now, just like any exercise, it takes time to build the stamina we need to interact with others in-person, in real-time. You’ll get there. Be kind to yourself and take your time getting up to the speed of whatever the new normal is or will be in the future.

Feeling hungover after you didn’t drink a drop? Believe it or not, you’re in excellent company – this happens to many of us. To re-center after an energy hangover, listen to your body throughout the day and honor the space you’re in. You’ve heard the adage, “Drink plenty of fluids and get more rest,” when you’re sick? This is a perfect time to activate that nourishing practice so you can refill your energy stores with ease.

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