Let’s do this. Let’s crush 2018. We have our vision. We have our ideas. Now it’s time to create the plan.

“Yikes,” you cry. “I can’t possibly do this. I’m overwhelmed!” This very exclamation is something I often hear from busy business owners who know they need to market their business in order to grow, but they just can’t pull it together. Their vision of success has too many buttons, too many dials, and is moving at the speed of light.

They are truly and usually overwhelmed to the point of maxxing out.

That’s where this short video from my Monday Marketing Minute this week can help. In this week’s video, I pare it down to 3 things that can help you get a handle on taking your vision into plan form.

Take a look:

Next week, we take a final look at creating a plan that can work for you. Stay tuned!