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Let’s set the course for your success…together.

Whether you need a tune-up in your Marketing Plan, a fresh new approach, or a complete overhaul to your Branding, I will custom create a plan of attack that works for you and the business.

I use technology to our advantage which means we can work together in a number of ways besides in-person. Using the phone or Zoom, we can connect and start building you the strategy you need to get unstuck, minimize overwhelm and get activated.

Complimentary Phone Call ~ 15-20 minutes

Fit is everything when you engage with a coach. Let’s get to know each other better and spend a few minutes talking on the phone to get better acquainted. This will allow us both an opportunity to see if we’re a good fit and in alignment with each other.

Business Marketing Coaching Session

In this 60-minute, 1:1, intensive coaching session, we will examine, evaluate and dive deeply into the areas of your business that need the most structure, attention, and refinement as it pertains to Marketing, systems, and communications. Each session includes a session recap with next steps and homework for immediate implementation.

Sessions are activated, so come ready to share, grow and make it happen. Let’s get it done together!

Erin MacCoy Life Coach

Business at the Speed of Life Coaching

You have an idea for a business and are ready to take action- but, where to start? Perhaps you’re stuck in a cyclone of limiting beliefs that is preventing you from taking that crucial first step forward. 

I’ve been there and I know how to kick the overwhelm to the curb, work on shifting a stubborn mindset, and will give you the tools, encouragement and support to take your concept from a seed to a flowering blossom of prosperity and profitability.

This is more than life coaching or business strategy. This is real-time integrative synergistic support that will change your life and your business.

You’re not alone. Get out of your head and into your heart-centered, soulful, and thriving business.

Pivot & Plan Power Strategy Session

This is a bite-sized marketing strategy session designed to address and crush the uncertainty of our present times.

During this 30-minute session, we will review, analyze and determine the next best steps to prepare your business for whatever the “new normal” is.

You’ll walk away with at least 3 strategic recommendations and a lot of support.

The Marketing MindHive

Are you struggling to market your business? Just plain overwhelmed, stuck or feeling alone? Perhaps making time for marketing (when you’re not sure what to do next) is next to impossible.

Join me and the Marketing MindHive of entrepreneurs just like you for a twice monthly 60-minute call to knock things off your Marketing to-do list so you can get the results you deserve faster. Share your challenges and get solutions. This is your dedicated time to work on your business and get ahead! I will share my tips, best practices, and my expertise in this safe space. No more overwhelm! Let’s do this together. (Monthly membership)

The 4 Pillars of a Powerful (and Profitable!) Marketing Plan

An Online Marketing Course for Entrepreneurs

It’s time to market your business. It’s time to implement your plan. 

It’s time to get clear on what your plan even is and make sure it’s a plan that WILL work.

If you’re struggling to market your business, find your voice, or reach your people, this course was designed just for you. If you want real results and a structure that you can rinse and repeat in years to come, register today!


The Pure Heart Playbook
A 6-week play-by-play course focused on learning meaning and mastery behind Heart-Centered Marketing


  • If you think or feel that you have nothing compelling to offer your people,
  • If you struggle to articulate your client-attracting value,
  • If you need the structure for developing and sharing content that is heart-centered, authentic and powerful,
  • If you want to reach more people quickly, so that you can make deeper connections for not only purchases, but real relationship building,

The Pure Heart Playbook is the perfect program (and sacred space) to help you do just that and more.

The Pure Heart Playbook makes marketing with heart easier and more meaningful, both for your bank account and for your soul.

Mighty Mini Marketing PLan


Simple. Productive. Intuitive.

Getting Marketing Planning done has never been easier.

Does putting a marketing plan together feel overwhelming or leave you unsure of what to do first or next?

Get the help and support you need by using this effective, power-planning tool: The Mighty Mini Marketing Plan.

It is the perfect guide for taking your wild ideas and turning them into savage content and narratives for consistent, regular quarterly communications with your people.

CAUTION! This document has been known to help business owners just like you build a killer brand, reach more people, sell more products and services, and achieve their goals more quickly.

Ready to join them?

ONLY $37.00!

The SMART Marketing for Entrepreneurs for Soul (eBook)

A business owner’s guide to getting marketing done and done right!
This e-book will help you build a killer brand, compelling messaging and a marketing strategy to launch, redefine or navigate the business of your dreams.

Get step-by-step guidance on marketing your business strategically, so that you achieve your goals more quickly, and with more return on the investment of time, money and effort.

Only $47.00!



What if I told you that being yourself is the best way to attract the clients you crave?

Calling all heart-centered and soul-focused female entrepreneurs who have an authentic desire to reach more people with their gifts, their services, or products.

Join me for an empowering mini-session focused on activating and delivering marketing with heart and soul. In this session, I will be sharing my structure for marketing authentically, powerfully to achieve the results you deserve.

Send me a message to get the link and get on the waitlist for the next free session.

Brand Building Program

Phone or Zoom

A Brand is the story people tell about you when you’re not in the room. It is also how you show up in the world, and how your prospective and current clients view you. A Brand is everything to growing a thriving business, and to executing a successful Marketing Plan.

In this Brand building intensive, you get ample time to share your vision for your business through my proprietary discovery interview process. If you’re willing to put the time into building a compelling Brand with my support, you will find your business positioned for success- and results- much faster. 

Need a Brand polish? This program will re-vamp your current Brand to give it the pizazz you need to stand out boldly and confidently in the marketplace ready to make the impact (and sales) you desire.

Marketing Planning and Activation

Phone or Zoom

Whether you’re just starting out with your new business or even a few years into it, it can be overwhelming. Often, nothing gets done on the business, only in it. There is so much to do and it’s hard to know where to focus your time and energy, in order to get needed results and cash flow.

This 3-pack takes a deep dive into the business you have and the business you want and gives you a comprehensive and impactful to-do list to manage your next steps.

You will also get an additional opportunity to activate your Marketing Plan with me in our last session. Work on the elements that will put you in front of your ideal clients (and ahead of your competition) more quickly with greater return.

Your Brand and Beyond Marketing Program

Phone or Zoom
Individual or Group Coaching available

When it comes to marketing your business, do you get overwhelmed and often confused about what to do first … or even next? Do you worry that you’ll do the wrong thing at the wrong time? What’s more, do you miss the mark when it comes to communicating the value of what you do or offer?

This program supports the business owner and their business in getting clear and on track both in developing a compelling business brand and an effective marketing strategy.

Based on an evaluation of your goals and desired outcomes, we will work together to build a strategy based on proven methods and execute the directives we determine as needed to grow your business.

Together, we will go from zero to hero, from brand concept to marketing strategy and implementation… and get it done together.

What you get-

  • Personalized marketing support,
  • 8, 60-minute coaching calls,
  • Calls 1-3: Business Evaluation and Brand Strategy,
  • Calls 4-8: Marketing Strategy and Implementation,
  • 1 recap email after every session with actionable steps — including the directives and support to implement a simple-to-follow 5-step marketing strategy,
  • Access to my marketing arsenal of articles, links, and other marketing support documents that can help your progress,
  • Access to my network colleagues who can lend support to the implementation of your marketing plan,
  • Unlimited email and phone communication.

I only accept a select number of clients into this program, so space and availability can be limited.

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