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“Hiring Erin was one of the best choices I’ve made in years! In a short time, she helped me clarify my focus, acknowledge the unique value of my work, and develop a solid strategy to leverage my impact. From first consult to final session, Erin listened deeply to what I was trying to create and responded with skill and intuition, never inserting her own agenda, and always contributing thoughtful advice and practical direction. I felt seen, supported and celebrated in our work together, and the steps I’ve taken as a result have been beautifully successful. Thank you Erin!”
~ Erin Merrihew

Communication and Empowerment Coach

“My business operations before working with Erin were incredibly stressful. I was always overworking and reacting, versus creating and being proactive. I was waking up at all hours worried if clients were staying up to date with the most recent WordPress security updates. Erin’s strategy several years ago included introducing a program that took care of all my clients’ needs daily. In turn, my stress level has decreased, their websites are safer, and my passive income stream has grown 28%!”

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~ Cami MacNamara

Website Designer

“Erin hones in on your unique standout qualities quickly! Then she gives simple, very effective suggestions that highlight you and what you do. I have gained business and connections by putting her ideas in place. So very worthwhile! Thank you Erin!”
~ Elyce Woycke


“OMG! Erin is helping me overcome my “shiny object syndrome” and FOCUSING as I scale my business(es) to reach so many more people! Fun! Compassionate! Accountability and Clarity. So. Good!”
~ Penelope Bell

Transformational Leadership Coach

I had the pleasure of attending one of Erin’s marketing workshops and was so glad I did.”

“Erin has the ability to synthesize what can be an overwhelming amount of information into simple, actionable steps. If you own a business, you know that strategic action, not information overload, is key, and she helps support the way.”

“If you have the chance to participate in one of Erin’s workshops I highly recommend it! It was fun, relevant, and full of up-to-date tips and best practices for small business owners to use.”

~ Lena D. Meyer

Life Coach and Founder, Soulful Entrepreneurs Network

We relied on the outcomes found during The SMART Marketing Method discovery process to hone and refine our brand, giving us the edge in the industry as innovators and mentors to brokers. By following a plan based on the brand’s five elements, we are seeing more and more success every day.
At only 2 years in business we have blown past all expectations. Having Erin as a partner in the process is absolutely the key to that reality. We would not have the focus, clarity or direction, not to mention actual visibility in the marketplace & profitability, which we wouldn’t have realized in such a short period of time if we were doing this on our own.”

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~ Domenica Lovaglia

Owner and Managing Broker, Metropolist Group

“Erin and I have collaborated on several projects. When branding messages become stale and marketing efforts are floundering, Erin MacCoy is the go-to person. Whether it is a one-person venture or an enterprise-level industry, Erin has the magic to strategically reenergize your business messaging and marketing tactics. You will not go wrong if hire you Erin. She is a person of integrity who tackles every job with charm and gusto.”
~ Dennis Noland

ShiftPoint Strategies

Erin is an absolute joy to work with! Her strategic mind has helped take my business to an entirely new level. Before we met, I was stuck in a cycle of constant evolution, which spread my efforts thin and was wearing me out. As a solopreneur, it can be difficult to step back and see the whole picture, but that’s exactly what Erin brought to the table. She spent time understanding my business, identified my most profitable services, gave me a tool to help define my messaging, and outlined a case for implementing my vision in stages. Each session has lead to new “ah ha!” moments, achievable action items and clear objectives. I walk away feeling completely energized – especially because now I can see how my efforts will lead to tangible and sustainable growth. No matter if you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, you will undoubtedly benefit from having Erin on your side. Thank you Erin!!

~ Katelin Annes

Virtual Remodel Designer

“Thanks to the coaching I received during The Smart Marketing Method, I found the confidence to meet and exceed my own expectations for achieving the results I wanted from my practice. SMART gave me the tools to price and package my offerings effectively.”

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~ Jeannine Widmann

Business Coach

“You brought out so much power in me for my business. I can get behind everything we have to offer. You changed my world.
We’re up 53% over last year when I started working with you. You made the difference and we continue to run with what you taught me/us. “

~ Lisa McIntosh

Owner, Seahurst Home Inspections

Erin kept me accountable to myself with firmness and kindness and provided a structure for developing my business that opened doors I couldn’t have even seen on my own, including building my confidence, developing my brand and guiding me through a process of articulating and refining my skills, values and goals that had also been elusive to me when I attempted it on my own.”

“She also brought clarity about my ideal clientele and how I can speak directly to them in my marketing copy.”

~ Eden Trenor

Transformational Program Designer/Artist/Facilitator

My god, you helped me so much. I was so into the woods, forest, etc., with all my stuff that I didn’t realize what a stellar job you did helping me!!
I was just listening to our last meeting. Well done me for hiring you! And, well done, Erin, for sharing your amazing talents with me.”

~ Sandy Stamato

Business Coach

“Erin began our relationship with the power of listening.  She allowed me the space to talk through all the ideas I had of how to grow my business.  With focused and gentle questioning she helped me steer my own ship.  She encouraged me to dream big, find my confidence, and unleash my creativity.  Erin fosters these things in me because she also provides a well thought out structure to follow with reachable goals and clear action plans.  This balance is something that comes naturally to Erin and is valuable to those of us who know we are capable, yet need to build the right road to get to our vision.  If you are looking for clarity and a plan to get you to your dream business goals, Erin Maccoy is your Marketing guru.”

~ Kristin Baron

LMP, Womb Care Body Worker

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Case Studies

Ready to take it to the next level

Jeannine Widmann

Business Coach


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Read about our work together

Jeannine was venturing out on her own, wanting to make a name for herself as a business coach. She had a course and a website, but wasn’t sure what to do next in order to realize her coaching dreams.

By working The SMART Marketing Method, Jeannine was able to create a tangible plan, build a new brand, develop a social media strategy to reach her audiences, and most importantly, write the curriculum for the online version of her program. Because of working with the SMART Marketing Method, Jeannine was able to reach more of the demographic she was looking for thanks to a targeted approach to outreach, and strengthen her curriculum to reach a broader audience online.

Start up:
Making a splash in the Seattle real estate scene

Domenica Lovaglia

Owner and Managing Broker,
Metropolist Group


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Three innovative real estate agents wanted to create a new business model and invigorate a tired industry

Domenica and her partners were looking for a way to infuse energy and innovation into a stale real estate industry. They wanted to start their own firm, but they wanted it to be a place where their agents could bring clients and share experiences through special events. They also wanted their firm to be a beautiful space where anyone looking to throw a special event could rent and celebrate life’s most meaningful moments in an urban and modern setting.

With the help of Erin’s SMART Marketing Method, a new brand was born- Metropolist, a unique real estate firm and continuing education real estate school that also doubles as a special events space. By working with Erin and using The SMART Marketing Method, the partners were able to determine the most important elements of their start-up business and focus on delivering to their clients a fresh and innovative approach to real estate and celebrating milestones.
Metropolist has become a thriving young real estate firm anchored in experience. The SMART Marketing Method helped the partners craft their code of ethics and attract more brokers to the firm. With Erin’s help, Metropolist has become an established brand with a focus on exceptional client experience.

Seasoned lady boss:
Looking to offer more value

Cami MacNamara

Owner and Website Designer, WebCami Site Design


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Read more about our work together

After many years in business, a website designer decides she can offer more to clients when it comes to services that protect and enhance their businesses.

Cami is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. She is a talented and capable WordPress web designer and has many happy clients. Before working The SMART Marketing Method, Cami had a hard time managing her workload of current projects, in particular servicing individual websites when there were issues. She knew implementing a WordPress maintenance program into her services was a key element for decreasing the number of hours she was spending at work and away from her family.

Cami was stuck. She was solving too many “could be avoided” problems and putting out too many fires with her clients, preventing her from accepting new business and capably finishing the current projects she did have. Moreover, she was overwhelmed and having trouble knowing what to do next to make her maintenance plan a reality. She felt overwhelmed and at the mercy of her growing client work.

Most importantly, she was tired of an unpredictable and often irregular payment schedule. Cami wanted passive income she didn’t have to worry about, to come in monthly, as much as she wanted to add value to the services she offered her clients.

By working with the SMART Marketing Method, Cami was able to make and take time to dream AND integrate her vision for the maintenance program. Not only did she create a manageable program to execute, she also was able to communicate the program’s importance for her clients’ websites to her clients.

By crafting a set of automatic emails that prompted her happy clients to sign up for her care plan, she signed nine clients in the first day of offering the program- catapulting her passive income! Soon, after consistent and low-pressure sales communications crafted with help from Erin and The SMART Marketing Method, Cami saw her income increase 16% in the first year of the maintenance program.  With Erin’s help, Cami patiently offered this to existing clients and new clients over time, making sure it didn’t also become an arduous process.

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