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Sound like someone you know?

  • Self-doubt is paralyzing you from taking even one step forward.
  • Your fear of not being perfect has held you hostage from living your purpose.
  • You are a soulful, female entrepreneur who wants to serve her people better…and faster without burning out.
  • You want more information on your Human Design or want to learn about it.
  • You’re ready to undo the negative patterns that are holding you back from growing a successful business or having a successful relationship with a partner.
  • You’re ready to manifest your dreams of providing the world with your gifts (even if you don’t exactly know what they are).
  • You know what you’re meant for bigger things, but you have no idea how to access that.

    Girl, I see you. And I’m here to help.

Meet ME

Heart-Centered Badass | Certified Professional Life Coach | Certified Life Purpose Coach | Spiritual Intuitive Coach | Human Design Coach
Reiki Healer | Intuitive Empath | Light Worker

I’m Erin.

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs and soulful seekers expand their consciousness and master their energy to maximize their profitability and purpose.

I am a Spiritual Intuitive and Empath with a passion for helping women just like you step confidently into their own magic, purpose, and highest and best selves.

Coaching, for me, is more than a job. It’s what I was meant to do. I launched my practice as a Business and Marketing Coach and for 10 years helped female entrepreneurs grow their businesses. What I enjoyed most was supporting the amazing women behind the business- giving them the confidence to step soulfully and purposefully into their lives and businesses…with incredible positive, ripple effects.

Now, as a Spiritual Intuitive Life and Business Coach, my work wholly and holistically focuses on creating your alignment with your purpose, so you will have a healthier capacity for love, relationships, and professional success.

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Soulpreneurs, are you ready to rise?

Soulpreneurs, are you ready to rise?

Are you ready to rise, dear Soulpreneur? As we put our hearts into our businesses, striving to touch lives and attempting to make this world more loving, we understand that being grounded in our purpose and consistent in our actions is paramount. Today, I invite you...

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If you’re at a personal crossroads, I can help you to create the purposeful life you crave, so that you can be of service to others without overwhelm, burnout, or fatigue.

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